Season 1

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5/27: CBSN AM

S1 E490
May 27, 2021
Gunman kills 9, then self, in San Jose rail yard shooting; 100 years after Tulsa race massacre, looking back at what was destroyed

5/26: CBSN AM

S1 E489
May 26, 2021
Half of U.S. adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19; Prince Harry opens up about mental health

5/25: CBSN AM

S1 E488
May 25, 2021
World remembers George Floyd one year later; President Biden to host Floyd family

5/24: CBSN AM

S1 E487
May 24, 2021
CDC probes rare heart problems among vaccine recipients; Thousands flee as Congo's Nyiragongo volcano erupts

5/21: CBSN AM

S1 E486
May 21, 2021
Cease-fire agreement holding between Israel and Hamas; Hiker rescued after surviving on water for 5 days

5/20: CBSN AM

S1 E485
May 20, 2021
January 6 commission bill faces Senate GOP opposition; CBS announces fall primetime lineup

5/19: CBSN AM

S1 E484
May 19, 2021
Death toll climbs as fighting continues in Gaza and Israel; Prince Harry talks about royal parenting style

5/18: CBSN AM

S1 E483
May 18, 2021
President Biden expresses support for Israel-Gaza cease-fire; NYC Marathon set to return November 7

5/17: CBSN AM

S1 E482
May 17, 2021
Israeli-Palestinian conflict marks deadliest day; Rediscovering pop icon Dionne Warwick

5/14: CBSN AM

S1 E481
May 14, 2021
Israel-Gaza fighting escalates as death toll rises; Sister claims man convicted of having parents murdered is innocent

5/13: CBSN AM

S1 E480
May 13, 2021
President Biden meets with Republicans on infrastructure; Class of 2021 prepares for graduation

5/12: CBSN AM

S1 E479
May 12, 2021
" Fighting escalates between Israel and Hamas; Oprah and Prince Harry team up for mental health series"

5/11: CBSN AM

S1 E478
May 11, 2021
Gas shortages reported in states across Southeast; Golden Globes canceled on NBC

5/10: CBSN AM

S1 E477
May 10, 2021
Deadly Mother's Day weekend across America; foster mom helps out dozens of babies over decades

5/7: CBSN AM

S1 E476
May 07, 2021
U.S. coronavirus cases down but demand for vaccines is also falling; Chinese rocket to crash to Earth this weekend

5/6: CBSN AM

S1 E475
May 06, 2021
CDC projects sharp decline in U.S. COVID-19 cases by July; U.S. sees spike in bigotry during pandemic

5/5: CBSN AM

S1 E474
May 05, 2021
President Biden aims to get 70% of adults vaccinated by July 4; Prince Harry speaks at "Vax Live" concert

5/4: CBSN AM

S1 E473
May 04, 2021
At least 23 dead in Mexico City rail overpass collapse; Bill and Melinda Gates ending 27-year marriage

5/3: CBSN AM

S1 E472
May 03, 2021
Boat capsizes in apparent human smuggling operation; Premier League game postponed amid protests

4/30: CBSN AM

S1 E471
Apr 30, 2021
Dozens killed in stampede in northern Israel; CDC says cruise ships could start sailing by mid-July

4/29: CBSN AM

S1 E470
Apr 29, 2021
President Biden delivers first address to Congress, urges lawmakers to pass his priorities; FBI agents execute search warrant on Rudy Giuliani

4/28: CBSN AM

S1 E469
Apr 28, 2021
President Biden to address joint session of Congress; California beach property set to be returned to descendants

4/27: CBSN AM

S1 E468
Apr 27, 2021
CDC expected to announce new mask guidance; iPhone software update lets users determine privacy

4/26: CBSN AM

S1 E467
Apr 26, 2021
Johnson & Johnson vaccine returns as hesitancy remains a concern; "Superman" pharmacist goes above and beyond

4/23: CBSN AM

S1 E466
Apr 23, 2021
Experts meet to decide on Johnson & Johnson vaccine; Water crisis plagues Jackson, Mississippi

4/22: CBSN AM

S1 E465
Apr 22, 2021
Department of Justice to investigate Minneapolis Police Department; White House hosts virtual climate summit

4/21: CBSN AM

S1 E464
Apr 21, 2021
Derek Chauvin found guilty on all charges; Push for police reform in wake of verdict

4/20: CBSN AM

S1 E463
Apr 20, 2021
Jury deliberations resume this morning in Derek Chauvin trial; NASA celebrates historic flight on Mars

4/19: CBSN AM

S1 E462
Apr 19, 2021
Closing arguments set to begin in the trial of Derek Chauvin; NASA makes space history with Mars helicopter flight.

4/16: CBSN AM

S1 E461
Apr 16, 2021
At least 8 people killed in Indianapolis mass shooting; life sized teddy bear treks across California

4/15: CBSN AM

S1 E460
Apr 15, 2021
Former Minnesota officer charged with second-degree manslaughter; Dollar General to hire 20,000 workers

4/14: CBSN AM

S1 E459
Apr 14, 2021
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reviewing Johnson & Johnson's vaccine; Officer fired and department sued after an incident involving an Army lieutenant

4/13: CBSN AM

S1 E458
Apr 13, 2021
Protestors demand justice for Daunte Wright; Guy Fieri helps raise $25 million for restaurant workers

4/12: CBSN AM

S1 E457
Apr 12, 2021
Protests in Minnesota over police shooting; Prince died in 2016 without leaving a will

4/9: CBSN AM

S1 E456
Apr 09, 2021
Biden says U.S. gun violence is "international embarrassment"; Coping with burnout amid pandemic

4/5: CBSN AM

S1 E452
Apr 05, 2021
Florida officials fear toxic flood; Egyptian mummies paraded through Cairo