• Black Gold

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    A tough CEO in a trillion-dollar industry covers up a shocking truth, in this gripping doc series about a conspiracy that changed the world forever.

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Black Gold
This gripping three part documentary series exposes a global conspiracy that plunged the world into crisis. BLACK GOLD is the story of the coverup of the century: of the boss atop a trillion dollar industry who discovered a shocking truth 40 years ago, created a black ops campaign to hide the evidence, and stopped at nothing to keep the money flowing, as the world burned. Among the characters in this thriller about the plot to trade our planet for profit are a CEO nicknamed “Iron-Ass;” whistleblowers from Exxon’s own labs; professional climate deniers; a NASA scientist and a US Vice-President. Directed by Emmy Award winner Gabrielle Schonder and Oscar-nominee Zach Heinzerling; Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky's PROTOZOA & Time Studios present Black Gold. In Episode 1, APOCALYPSE LATER, Exxon’s elite scientists discover the greenhouse effect, but when they report their findings, the company’s bosses turn cagey. As executive Lee Raymond climbs the ranks, Exxon slashes research, but NASA scientist James Hansen’s testimony to Congress reveals the truth. Raymond realizes Exxon is facing crisis. BLACK OPS, the second episode, begins as the Exxon Valdez tanker crashes into an iceberg, spilling millions of gallons of oil and creating a second PR crisis for Exxon. To kill two birds with one stone, Exxon leads a secret alliance of American business leaders to discredit global warming science and remake American politics. Al Gore and James Hansen are in the path of Exxon’s war machine. In the final episode, THE RECKONING, investigative journalists find proof of the “black ops” conspiracy and Attorneys General from several states set out to hold Exxon accountable, while Lee retires with a $400 million pay package. Exxon is a fortress. Activists and politicians try a bold David-vs-Goliath move, but in the end only an unexpected underdog will stand a last chance of stopping the giant, and saving our world from unimaginable horrors.
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Black Gold