Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Born with the Bomb

S1 E1
Jun 16, 2019
The bombing of Japan, the Soviet's "First Lightning" test, and America's H-bomb detonations were powerful signs that the Nuclear Age was upon us. But as recently declassified files reveal, explosive events were also carried out in secret. Discover how far the U.S. government went to protect its Cold War intel and how close the world came to total annihilation. From the framing of Ethel Rosenberg to radiation experiments on unsuspecting civilians, this is a grim look at the quieter side of the Atomic Age.

Spies in Space

S1 E2
Jun 23, 2019
While the world was captivated by NASA's Apollo moon missions in the 1960s, the U.S. military was developing a parallel space program, an orbiting spy station that would gather high-res photographs of Soviet weapons systems. The mission was hidden from the public from the time it was established in 1961 until it was finally declassified decades later. Presented through recently released footage and interviews with astronauts involved in the top-secret program, this is a behind-the-scenes look at the Manned Orbiting Laboratory.

Filming the Bomb

S1 E3
Jun 30, 2019
The Cold War cast a constant shadow of threat over the United States and the Soviet Union throughout the second half of the 20th century. This is the story of how the U.S. military produced top-secret films with Hollywood, using its state-of-the-art studios, equipment, and even talent, including Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe. Recently declassified, never-before-broadcast footage reveals how the films were used to train soldiers and aid scientific research.