Season 11

Episode Guide

F-14 Tomcat

S11 E1
Jul 9, 2023
The true story of the F-14 Tomcat, the military aircraft made famous in "Top Gun," and how it served as the Navy's top carrier fighter for a generation.

PBY Catalina

S11 E2
Jul 9, 2023
A look at the amphibious aircraft Catalina and the many roles it served during WWII, from patrol bomber to search-and-rescue aircraft.

B-17 Flying Fortress

S11 E3
Jul 9, 2023
The history of the B-17 reveals how the aircraft evolved into the USAF's most lethal bomber in WWII's European and Pacific campaigns.


S11 E4
Jul 9, 2023
The story of the de Havilland Mosquito, the wooden RAF aircraft that acted as a bomber, fighter, and reconnaissance plane during World War II.

F-100 Super Sabre

S11 E5
Jul 9, 2023
The history of the supersonic F-100 Super Sabre, from its troubled beginnings to its key role as the USAF's go-to fighter-bomber of the Vietnam War.

B-1 Lancer

S11 E6
Jul 9, 2023
The history of the B-1 Lancer reveals how the Cold War bomber evolved to become one of America's most effective military aircraft.

Hawker Hunter

S11 E7
Jul 9, 2023
The inside story of Britain's flagship super jet of the Cold War era, the Hawker Hunter, and its most thrilling flights during the late 20th century.

C-47 Skytrain

S11 E8
Jul 9, 2023
A look at how the C-47 evolved from passenger plane to a transport aircraft and flying hospital in WWII and years later as a gunship in Vietnam.

Stuka Dive Bomber

S11 E9
Jul 9, 2023
A look at the rise and fall of the infamous Nazi dive bomber Ju-87 Stuka, once considered the most terrifying aircraft of the Second World War.

AH-1 Cobra

S11 E10
Jul 9, 2023
An inside look at the world's first dedicated armed attack helicopter, the Cobra, and its most thrilling missions in Vietnam, Grenada, and Iraq.