• The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 1

    S1 E3: A Night at the Plaza

    21M JUL 28, 2015 TV-PG

    S1 E3: Jim's plan of surprising Jeannie with a romantic getaway for their anniversary is thwarted by a series of unfortunate events.

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The Jim Gaffigan Show
Jim Gaffigan stars in this comedy series inspired by his real-life struggles to balance his family life with his stand-up comedy career. Gaffigan plays Jim, who is married to offbeat Catholic wife Jeannie, whose ex-boyfriend and confidante Daniel is Jim's biggest critic. Also in Jim's life are friend Dave, a single, aggressive comedian, and the family's priest, Father Nicholas. The New York-based comedy series features a lengthy list of celebrity cameos, including comedian Chris Rock, actor Steve Buscemi, TV host Keith Olbermann and actress Janeane Garofalo.
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The Jim Gaffigan Show