• Murder In The Thirst Season 1

    S1 E5: Who Killed Detroit's Finest?

    41M AUG 03, 2019 TV-14

    S1 E5: Hotshot attorney Tony Randolph and his wife Marie are like royalty to Detroit's elite. But there are secrets lurking behind the mansion, the furs, and the jewels... including a sordid story about a police officer who was gunned down in cold blood.

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Murder In The Thirst
Hosted by LisaRaye, Murder in the Thirst explores the nation's most shocking and scandalous true-crime stories. The headline-grabbing cases include the bludgeoning death of millionaire playboy Lance Herndon, the disappearance of lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare and the stabbing death of hot-shot young lawyer Chiquita Tate. With stylized recreations of the crimes and interviews with those involved, this series investigates what drives people to commit murder, whether it be a desire for money, power or privilege.
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Murder In The Thirst