Season 3

Episode Guide


S3 E1
Mar 29, 2011
Season 3 premiere. Tara returns to college as Max worries about her stress.


S3 E2
Apr 5, 2011
Season 3. Tara transitions into an alter during Abnormal Psychology class.

The Full F**K You Finger

S3 E3
Apr 12, 2011
Season 3. School and baby shower stress force Tara to transition.


S3 E4
Apr 19, 2011
Season 3. Tara proposes a deal to her alters, intriguing her professor.

Dr. Hattaras' Miracle Elixir

S3 E5
Apr 26, 2011
Season 3. Tara receives an intriguing pitch from her instructor.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions

S3 E6
May 3, 2011
Season 3. Dr. Hattaras makes a disturbing discovery on one of Tara's tapes.

The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return Of Beaverlamp

S3 E7
May 10, 2011
Season 3. Max is delighted by Tara's idea that he reunite his rock band.

Chicken 'n' Corn

S3 E8
May 17, 2011
Season 3. A scare at a local corn maze reveals a new alter to Tara.

Bryce Will Play

S3 E9
May 24, 2011
Season 3. Dr. Hattaras and Tara seek help to deal with her violent alter.

Train Wreck

S3 E10
Jun 7, 2011
Season 3. Max and Marshall return home to very disturbing news.

Crunchy Ice

S3 E11
Jun 14, 2011
Season 3. Tara's other alters begin disappearing, leaving only Bryce.

The Good Parts

S3 E12
Jun 21, 2011
Season 3 finale. Tara and Max leave for Boston to get help from an expert.