Season 1

Episode Guide

So Happy Together/Sweet Sixteenth

S1 E1
Apr 26, 2008
The Honeybees are having a dog show, which is the perfect opportunity for Bessie to finally get the animal appreciation badge. The only problem is...Bessie doesn't have a dog! She goes in search of the best show dog ever.

Bee My Baby/Bee Afraid

S1 E2
Apr 27, 2008
Bessie and Penny are tricked into babysitting Gwen's five little brothers and find them to be more than they anticipated.

Artificial Unintelligence /We Got the Bee

S1 E3
May 3, 2008
Bessie builds a robot in an attempt to win the Mad Scinetist badge, but Portia takes control of the robot to humiliate Bessie.

Bat Mitzvah Crasher /Super Secret Weakness

S1 E4
May 17, 2008
When Bessie and Penny attend their very first Bat Mitzvah and have the time of their lives, they decide that the fun can't end there - they're going on a Bat Mitzvah crashing spree!

An I See Bee/Woodward and Beesting

S1 E5
May 31, 2008
When a psychic tells Bessie that she has the ability to see the future, Bessie can't wait to try out her powers. But things don't go so well when her fantastic predictions for Penny's birthday party turn out to be a bust.

Doppelfinger/Little Womyn

S1 E6
Jun 7, 2008
Finger sprains himself when Bessie tries an advanced origami maneuver. While Finger is in recovery, Bessie finds that everyday tasks are more difficult without him...until his twin brother Fingare shows up.

Little Orphan Happy/Body Rockers

S1 E7
May 10, 2008
It's Mother's Day, but Happy can't bring himself to celebrate with the Higgenbottoms because he doesn't know where his own mom is. Bessie conducts a thorough search to find Happy's long-lost mother, but all in vain.

The Apprentice/Beenadict Arnold

S1 E8
Jun 24, 2008
Mary Frances is not making her sales quota for Patty Fay Cosmetics, which means she may have her precious Patty Fay minivan taken away! So Mary decides it's time for the Honeybees to work on their Young Entrepreneurs badge.

Boston Beean/Penny Hearts Joey

S1 E9
Jun 26, 2008
Bessie is hosting a foreign Honeybee, Sissy Sullivan, who comes all the way from Boston. When Bessie realizes that Sissy does everything just a little better than Bessie does, her competitive spirit gets the best of her.

Ten Little Honeybees/Toot Toot

S1 E10
Dec 6, 2008
Portia is now 10 and a half, and to celebrate, she's having a fabulous birthday party. All the girls are having a great time at the party until Portia's new gold locket mysteriously goes missing! Could there be a thief?


S1 E11
Jun 12, 2009
It's summertime in San Francisco and the Honeybees are enjoying a day at the Rec Center pool when their peace is rudely interrupted by their rival troop, the menacing and cutthroat Oakland Dragonflies.

Bee Patients/To Bee Or Not To Bee

S1 E12
Dec 7, 2008
Bessie and Happy get a little banged up while playing, so Bessie decides they both need to see the doctor. Bessie won a contest to meet Miriam Breedlove, the founder of the Honeybees herself!

Night Howl/Hat Trick

S1 E13
Sep 12, 2008
Happy is constantly tired these days, and Bessie is starting to get worried. But when Bessie catches him sneaking out the door late at night, she realizes that Happy's tired because he's been leading a double life!

Apoxalypse Now/Hive Jacked

S1 E14
Sep 12, 2008
Everyone in Honeybee Troop 828 has the Chicken Pox badge - everyone except Bessie, that is. But that's all going to change because Gwen has the chicken pox now, which is the perfect opportunity for Bessie to catch chicken pox!

Ben Appetit/Dang it Feels Good to be a Gamestar

S1 E15
Jan 10, 2009
Ben is very particular about his food - he doesn't like foods to touch other foods. As a concerned big sister, it is Bessie's duty to break Ben of his food neurosis and even by force if she has to.

Name Shame/Something's Wrong With This Taffy

S1 E16
Oct 25, 2008
When Portia and Gwen discover Bessie's unusual middle name, Bessie is horrified - not because she's embarrassed, but because her middle name brings bad luck to whoever utters it!

Eye of the Honeybee/Thanksgiving Beeenactment

S1 E17
Jun 15, 2010
Bessie makes it her mission to help Penny find her hidden talent which turns out to be... ping pong. Disgusted by the commercialism of Thanksgiving, Bessie gets the Honeybees to go on a history trip.

Blindsided/Hen and Bappy

S1 E18
Jan 10, 2009
When Happy spies a humongous bone for sale in Hippie's pawn shop, he decides he absolutely has to have it. Happy has been forced to attend obedience school, and Ben is skipping to theatre camp.

Portrait of a Happy/O Say Can Bess See

S1 E19
Jun 12, 2009
Bessie wants to get professional portraits taken with Happy. And for such a special portrait, only Fritz will do - the best photographer in the whole mall .

Macro Mayem/ Ben Screams for Ice Cream

S1 E20
Jun 13, 2009
When Bessie discovers she has a natural talent for macramé, she decides she must use this talent for good - which means macramé-ing the whole city of San Francisco!