• The Mighty B! Season 1

    S1 E8: The Apprentice/Beenadict Arnold

    23M JUN 23, 2008 TV-Y7

    S1 E8: Mary Frances is not making her sales quota for Patty Fay Cosmetics, which means she may have her precious Patty Fay minivan taken away! So Mary decides it's time for the Honeybees to work on their Young Entrepreneurs badge.

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The Mighty B!
Bessie Higgenbottom and her best friend of a dog, Happy Walter, go on endless quests to fulfill her dream of earning every Honeybee Scout badge there is. Sometimes Bessie imagines she's a superhero named Mighty B, and often has her 7-year-old younger brother, Ben, as her sidekick. Bessie believes anything can be done with the right attitude and a little hard work.
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The Mighty B!