Season 1

Episode Guide

Pilot Part 1

S1 E1
Jun 3, 2014
Series premiere - part 1. Jenny moves to L.A. and meets her new neighbors.

Pilot Part 2

S1 E2
Jun 3, 2014
Series premiere - part 2. Jenny moves to L.A. and meets her new neighbors.

Let's Do It

S1 E3
Jan 26, 2004
Season 1. Bette and Tina wait on baby news; Tim invites Marina to a party.


S1 E4
Feb 2, 2004
Season 1. Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina.

Lies, Lies, Lies

S1 E5
Feb 9, 2004
Season 1. Jenny's affair threatens her relationship with Tim.


S1 E6
Feb 16, 2004
Season 1. Tim discovers Jenny's affair, leading to a major decision.

Losing It

S1 E7
Feb 23, 2004
Season 1. Bette's commitment is tested; Tim and Jenny return home.


S1 E8
Mar 1, 2004
Season 1. Tim rejects Jenny, who learns that Marina has another lover.

Listen Up

S1 E9
Mar 8, 2004
Season 1. Jenny explains her situation to a friend; Dana comes out.

Luck, Next Time

S1 E10
Mar 15, 2004
Season 1. Jenny agonizes over Tim and Marina; Shane finds fame.


S1 E11
Mar 22, 2004
Season 1. Tina's grief is eased by volunteer work.

Looking Back

S1 E12
Mar 29, 2004
Season 1. Bette prepares for a new show; the friends go to Palm Springs.

Locked Up

S1 E13
Apr 5, 2004
Season 1. Bette lands in jail; Tim and Jenny discuss divorce.

Limb From Limb

S1 E14
Apr 12, 2004
Season 1 finale. Jenny's ever-more-complicated love life pushes Tim away.