Season 1

Episode Guide

The Poisoned Chalice

S1 E1
Apr 4, 2011
Season 1 premiere. Rodrigo bribes and intimidates his way into the Papacy.

The Assassin

S1 E2
Apr 4, 2011
Season 1. The new Pope quickly elevates his children to powerful positions.

The Moor

S1 E3
Apr 11, 2011
Season 1. The Pope hosts a Turkish prince and negotiates Lucrezia's hand.

Lucrezia's Wedding

S1 E4
Apr 18, 2011
Season 1. The Borgias tawdry behavior sullies Lucrezia's lavish nuptials.

The Borgias In Love

S1 E5
Apr 25, 2011
Season 1. Lucrezia has a torrid affair while Cesare makes diabolical plans.

The French King

S1 E6
May 2, 2011
Season 1. The Pope proposes a marital alliance to thwart France's invasion.

Death, On A Pale Horse

S1 E7
May 9, 2011
Season 1. Victory looms for France as Italian nobles flee to their banner.

The Art of War

S1 E8
May 16, 2011
Season 1. The Pope awaits his fate as the French enter the city unopposed.

Nessuno (Nobody)

S1 E9
May 23, 2011
Season 1 finale. The Pope preserves power; Lucrezia gives birth to a son.