Season 2

Episode Guide

Counting Comet

S2 E1
Jun 22, 2011
While looking through a telescope, the team discovers a family of comets flying through space! The littlest member of the family is named Counting Comet. He gets his power from counting!

Race Around Umi City

S2 E2
Jun 7, 2011
UmiCar enters a race around the city to try to win the grand prize-a big bunch of balloons-for his friend Sam. But UmiCar will have to out-race Dump Truck, who'll stop at nothing to win!

Purple Monkey Mission

S2 E3
Jun 13, 2011
There's a new animal coming to the Umi City Zoo-an adorable purple monkey! Purple Monkey's new home has all the things a little monkey needs: tall trees, a tire swing, and monkey bars!

Shark Car

S2 E4
Jul 31, 2011
The team's friend Jose loses his favorite toy at the beach. It's a shark with wheels... Shark Car! Jose's family is about to leave on a ferryboat, and the only way to return Shark Car in time is for Team Umizoomi to drive it!

Umi Fire Truck

S2 E5
Jun 16, 2011
Sound the alarm! There's an emergency in Umi City: a little girl named Abby is up in a tree house and she's too scared to climb down. Milli, Geo, and Bot become firefighters for the day and set off to rescue their friend.

Umi Toy Store

S2 E6
Mar 21, 2012
Team Umizoomi's friend Colin is so excited to buy a new toy! But when Colin's Umicents go missing, the team must go on an educational journey through all the toys and games at the toy store to track them down.

The Ghost Family Costume Party

S2 E7
Oct 31, 2010
It's Halloween and nobody is more excited than the team's newest pal... the hilarious Little Ghost!

Crazy Skates

S2 E8
Jun 6, 2011
Bot accidentally puts on a pair of crazy skates and starts rolling out-of-control all across Umi City! Yonk-a-donks! Can Milli and Geo rescue their runaway robot pal?

Umi Egg Hunt

S2 E9
Apr 24, 2011
The most special egg at the Umi City Egg Hunt has fallen down a rabbit hole! The team chases after it and finds themselves in an underground rabbit city! But they'll have to hurry to nab the lost egg before it gets scrambled!

Mili Saves the Day

S2 E10
Jul 1, 2011
Milli, Geo and Bot are having a picnic in the woods. But when Geo and Bot accidently disturb the honey bee hive they both get covered in big blobs of sticky honey!

Day at the Museum

S2 E11
Mar 1, 2012
Milli, Geo and Bot are with their friend Ellen visiting the Children's Museum. Ellen can't wait to try the museum's newest attraction - The Rocket Ship Ride! It costs three star tokens to go on the ride - and Ellen has just the right amount.

The Legend of the Blue Mermaid

S2 E12
Jul 31, 2011
While visiting the beach, Team Umizoomi discovers a statue of The Blue Mermaid. According to the legend, the Blue Mermaid once lived happily in the water by Umi City.

Buster the Lost Dog

S2 E13
Mar 2, 2012
Milli, Geo and Bot are playing in the park with their friend Anna and her adorable dog Buster. But when a game of fetch goes awry, Buster accidentally jumps into the back of a truck that carries him far, far away... to a construction site!

Chicks in the City

S2 E14
Mar 7, 2012
Team Umizoomi visits their friend Colin at his school-where six chicks have just hatched! But when the baby chicks mistakenly venture out into the city, it's up to Team Umizoomi to bring them back safely.

The Incredible Presto

S2 E15
Mar 12, 2012
Oh no! The Incredible Presto gets himself trapped in a giant watermelon! It's up to Milli, Geo, and Bot to use Presto's magic wand to save him in time for his magic show!

Super Soap!

S2 E16
Jun 30, 2011
Silly Bear has gotten himself into a sticky situation! While working on an arts and crafts project, Silly Bear accidentally squirts glue all over himself. Now everything he touches is sticking to him!

The Great UmiCar Rescue

S2 E17
Jun 9, 2011
When a baby penguin gets his foot stuck in ice, it's UmiCar to the rescue! Equipped with a rope, UmiCar drives to Iceberg Bay and pulls the little penguin to safety.

Ellee the Elephant

S2 E18
Mar 16, 2012
Ellee the Elephant is making her debut at the circus today! But when Ellee gets lost, Team Umizoomi must guide her through the hustle and bustle of Umi City to reach the big top in time.

The King of Numbers (1 Hour)

S2 E19
Oct 9, 2011
Team Umizoomi visits the King of Numbers in his magical Number Kingdom. But when Zilch, the anti-math wizard, locks the king in his tower, all the numbers start to disappear! Can the team save the king and his kingdom?