Season 1

Episode Guide

The Big Boat Race

S1 E1
Nov 26, 2012
Sonya can't wait to be in the Umi City Toy Boat Race. But just as the race is about to begin, Sonya's boat begins sailing out of control! The mast breaks, the sail is lost, and her lucky gold star charm sinks to the bottom of the pond!

The Rolling Toy Parade

S1 E2
Jul 3, 2010
Today is Umi City Park's Rolling Toy Parade and Nick has been picked to lead the parade! But as he proudly makes his way to the park, his lion toy tumbles down a hill, breaks apart, and its parts are foraged by the park animals!

The Elephant Sprinkler

S1 E3
Jun 13, 2010
Kayla's fun at the water playground comes to an abrupt end when the elephant water sprinkler stops working! To help Kayla, Team Umizoomi needs to know how water gets to Umi City.

The Kite Festival

S1 E4
Jan 31, 2010
Jeannie can't wait to fly her kite at the big Umi City Festival. But, when a gust of wind blows the kite out of her hands and scatters its pieces throughout Umi City, she needs Team Umizoomi's help to find the missing pieces.


S1 E5
Jul 10, 2010
Jake calls in from his class trip at the Umi City Carnival. The class is having a great time on all the rides but Jake has a big problem! He's lost his favorite stuffed animal Bunny!

The Wild West Toy Train Show

S1 E6
Jul 17, 2010
Milli, Geo, and Bot can't wait to meet their friend Ethan at "The Wild West Toy Train Show!" But before they hop in the Umi Car for their outing, the Umi Alarm sounds!

Subway Heroes

S1 E7
Feb 7, 2010
Today is Daniel's birthday party, but he's got a big problem! The party is about to start but his Dad is stuck on a broken subway train with the birthday cake! Daniel calls on Team Umizoomi for help, and they jump into action.

Favorite Things Show

S1 E8
Jun 8, 2011
Milli is visiting her friend Emily's class for Favorite Things Day! That's the day everyone brings in their favorite things to show the whole class.

Special Delivery

S1 E9
Feb 14, 2010
Olly realizes he forgot to put stamps on a package he sent to his Grandma. Team Umizoomi zooms behind the scenes of the post office, and into the mail system to catch up to the errant package.

To The Library

S1 E10
Sep 19, 2010
Olivia is sleeping over at her Grandpa's house tonight but she forgot to bring her favorite bedtime story "Goodnight Polka Dot Pirate"! Milli, Geo and Bot are on the case!

The Milk Out

S1 E11
Feb 7, 2010
UmiCity is out of milk! As it turns out, the farmer is sick in bed and can't get any milk to the kids in the city. Never fear, Team Umizoomi step up and become farmers for the day and make sure milk gets delivered.

Super Trip to the Supermarket

S1 E12
Jul 4, 2010
It's snack time and Samantha's baby brother doesn't have his favorite snack! Team Umizoomi explores the supermarket to tracks down the missing snack foods ingredients.

Ready for Take Off

S1 E13
Aug 29, 2010
The Team is frolicking in the snow on a beautiful winter day when they get a call from Andy at the Umi City Airport. He's on the plane with his family and can't wait to go on his first trip to the beach.

Ice Cream Truck

S1 E14
Jan 24, 2010
Ice Cream Truck: Geo is meeting his friend Dylan so they can go meet the ice cream truck and get some ice cream treats - but when they get to the corner, they find out that the ice cream truck is missing.


S1 E15
Jul 25, 2010
Team Umizoomi is going to meet Anna for a picnic, when suddenly the Umi Alarm sounds. Anna can't find her thermos or lunchbox! The team must find the missing items and save the picnic!

The Butterfly Dance Show

S1 E16
Jul 18, 2010
It's almost time for the "Butterfly Dance Show," but Sophia's butterfly costume isn't finished! Team Umizoomi must complete the costume and get it to Sophia before the curtain goes up!

The Aquarium Fix-It

S1 E17
Jan 31, 2010
Michael is at the Umi City Aquarium and there's a big problem! There's a crack in the seahorse tank and the seahorses are in danger! Team Umizoomi rushes over to the aquarium to help save the seahorses.

The Dinosaur Museum Mishap

S1 E18
Jul 31, 2010
There's only one thing that scares the dinosaurs at the dinosaur museum-the sound of thunder! So when a big storm frightens them away, it's up to Team Umizoomi find the missing dinosaurs and lead them back home.

Santa's Little Fixers

S1 E19
Dec 12, 2010
Santa's Toy-Making Machine is not making any toys! The team must get to Santa's Workshop fast!

Playground Heroes

S1 E20
Jun 10, 2011
At the playground, a storm has left the sandbox, swings, slide, and bouncy bridge in disarray! Until everything gets fixed, the park will remain closed! It's a big job, but no job is too big for Team Umizoomi!