Season 3

Episode Guide

A Boy and His Dogs

S3 E1
Feb 23, 2013
On his way to Berry Big City to open a home for stray dogs, Huckleberry Pie’s Pet-Mobile gets stuck. He is rescued by Strawberry and her friends, who each discover that one of Huck’s dogs is a perfect personality-match for her.

Partners in Crime

S3 E2
Feb 23, 2013
Blueberry entices Huckleberry to come for a visit by asking him to team up and write a mystery story for an online mystery magazine, but Blueberry wants the story to be just like a Patti Persimmon Mystery and won’t accept any of Huck’s original ideas. To prove his writing is worthy, Huck secretly works on a song with Cherry’s help to surprise Blueberry with.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show

S3 E3
Feb 23, 2013
When Huckleberry and Blueberry’s Patti Persimmon-style mystery story is rejected by the online mystery magazine, Strawberry comes up with a new way to raise funds for Huckleberry’s pet shelter—a big dog show! Plum attempts to turn the dog show into an extravagant dance performance, but discovers she has been over-ambitious when their rehearsal goes comically awry.

Snowberry and Seven Berrykins

S3 E4
Feb 23, 2013
Plum’s plan to direct a small, simple fairy tale play as a surprise performance for the Baby Berrykins snowballs out of control when she hears of the same play being done on a grand scale in a big city theater. Determined not to be outdone, her production becomes increasingly elaborate—with comically disastrous consequences!

Berryella and Prince Berry Charming

S3 E5
Feb 23, 2013
Drafted by the girls to play Prince Berry Charming in a community play, Huck pushes aside his reluctance and tries to not disappoint them. Bad goes to comically worse as the girls discover he can’t act, can’t dance, can’t sing, suffers from extreme stage fright, and never really wanted to do the play in the first place.

The Littlest Berrykin

S3 E6
Feb 23, 2013
Blueberry and Huckleberry pitch their new play, an adaptation of the Berrykin Kids’ favorite BerryFairyTale “The Littlest Berrykin” to their friends. We see the story they are narrating in action, a tale of three princesses on a quest for a royal goldenberry that will determine which of them is best suited to rule the kingdom.

The Berry Big Relay Race

S3 E7
Feb 23, 2013
A problem in the sparkleberry juice system that powers the entire town results in a repair crew of Berrykins invading the town with jackhammers. The girls leave for the day to avoid the noise and not get in the workers’ way. They hold a big relay race event, unaware that two of the Berrykins have ditched their jobs to become secret spectators.

The Berry Best Treasure

S3 E8
Feb 23, 2013
A problem in the sparkleberry juice system that powers the town keeps the girls from doing their work—to the frustration of Cherry Jam, who is struggling to write a song. Making the best of the situation, Strawberry invites Cherry and the other girls to join her in a treasure hunt game.

The Berry Scary Fun Adventure

S3 E9
Feb 23, 2013
Unable to sleep with the noise of an all-night construction crew of Berrykins trying to get the power turned back on, Strawberry and the girls go on a campout. Worried that there’s a creepy creature in the woods, the girls build a series of silly traps—but what they catch surprises them!

The Berry Lucky Day

S3 E10
Feb 23, 2013
While building a new Dog Park, Huck finds the Good Luck Charm that Cherry wrongly believes gives her the ability to sing difficult notes. Huck, too, comes to think the charm is lucky. But in time, they both learn that our talents are the result of patience, practice and confidence, not luck.

All Dogs Allowed

S3 E11
Feb 23, 2013
The girls plan an elegant afternoon tea party to inaugurate the town’s new dog park, but encounter a mystery when the guests of honor, their puppies, strangely refuse to enter, and no one can figure out why. The girls must try to avoid jumping to conclusions in order to learn what’s keeping the pups from entering.

A Basket of Blueberries

S3 E12
Feb 23, 2013
Blueberry invites Huck to attend Berry Bitty City’s big Masquerade Ball in honor of their new dog park. A screwball comedy of errors ensues when Blueberry gets a cold and has to stay home. Lemon decides to fill in for her at the Ball, unaware that Raspberry is doing the same thing!

The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff

S3 E13
Feb 23, 2013
The girls decide to each bake Berrykin Bloom the perfect cupcake, to be presented at a ceremony honoring him for his achievements in Berryculture. Their efforts get comically out of control as they begin competing with each other to create the biggest and best cupcake ever!