Season 2

Episode Guide

The Berry Big Harvest

S2 E1
Nov 5, 2011
Orange's store is overflowing with Berrykin Bloom's new line of Berry Bitty Fruits & Veggies. Confident she can tackle any challenge, Orange tries to deal with everything herself, but things get comically out of control.

Room at the Top

S2 E2
Nov 12, 2011
Strawberry's new produce marketplace goes under construction. Strawberry is so grateful to her girlfriends for helping her with a new bedroom atop the marketplace, that she accommodates all their ideas and neglects to include her own!

Starlight, Star Bright

S2 E3
Nov 19, 2011
Strawberry's friends surprise her by inviting her favorite singer, superstar Cherry Jam, to perform at the grand opening of the Marketplace. The starstruck girls don't know that the real Cherry isn't anything like her rock diva persona, but an ordinary girl who just wants to be accepted as one of their friends.

Practice Makes Perfect

S2 E4
Nov 26, 2011
When Cherry Jam plans a recital for her new music students, Plum experiences stage-fright for the first time, and tries to delay the event.

Top Talent

S2 E5
Dec 5, 2011
Berry Bitty City holds its first talent show. When the girls discover a talent scout will attend, Lemon decides she has to perform without any help from her friends, even though they are all helping each other.

A Star is Fashioned

S2 E6
Dec 10, 2011
Raspberry is discovered by a talent scout who wants her to move to Berry Big City and design a new line of Glitter fashions. About to become a super-diva, Raspberry changes her mind and decides to stay, knowing that nothing in the big fashion world will ever make her feel like a star the way her friends do.

No Blueberry Is an Island

S2 E7
Jan 28, 2012
Blueberry overhears Strawberry talking about a wonderful tropical island and believes her friend is going to surprise them all with a much-needed vacation. Blueberry makes her friends promise to keep the secret until Strawberry reveals the big surprise.

Where the Berry Breeze Blows

S2 E8
Feb 4, 2012
When the girls learn their tropical island vacation is cancelled due to weather, Orange decides to build an exact replica of the resort at home, but gets a little too preoccupied with making it exactly exact. Finally the girls settle on making a resort in Berry Bitty-style.

The Berry Best Vacation

S2 E9
Feb 18, 2012
Just as the girls are about to enjoy a vacation at their homemade resort, TV host Mavis Maraschino shows up to do a segment on Cherry Jam and disrupts their plans. Cherry tries several comical schemes to move Mavis along, but it takes most of their vacation time to do it.

On the Road

S2 E10
Feb 25, 2012
The girls' new band is about to go on the road to a concert at Berry Big City. But first they must teach the Berrykins all about their businesses, so the little folk can keep the community running until the girls return. What no one knows is that Orange is reluctant to leave home.

The Berry Long Winter

S2 E11
Mar 3, 2012
The beginning of winter brings a brief spell of springlike weather, ruining everyone's hopes for winter fun. With help from Strawberry, the community adapts to the changing conditions. When cold weather returns, the town must decide whether to share its winter food stores with others.

The Big Freeze

S2 E12
Mar 10, 2012
Blueberry's invention of parasol-powered ice skates is all the rage, landing her the opportunity to create her own musical commercial for them. Her friends are delighted when she asks for their expert advice, but feel rejected when she excitedly dashes off in her own direction.

On Ice

S2 E13
Mar 17, 2012
When both Raspberry and Berrykin Bruce plan spring-themed events for the same location, Strawberry helps them work out a compromise-they combine their efforts to create a spring fashion show around a water show. But it turns out it isn't spring yet after all; a late winter-frost foils their plans.