Season 4

Episode Guide

Berry Double Trouble

S4 E1
Jun 3, 2015
Lemon and Raspberry hire twins Sweet & Sour to help out in Strawberry's café, so Strawberry will have time to appear in an internet fashion contest they are entering.

Berry Bitty Adventurer

S4 E2
Jun 3, 2015
Strawberry's world-traveling cousin Apple Dumplin' stops at Berry Bitty City. What starts as a brief visit becomes a series of comical misadventures that ends with Apple finding a new home with Strawberry and her friends.

High Tech Drama

S4 E3
Jun 3, 2015
Lemon and Raspberry's fashion podcast is saved by Apple, then almost sabotaged by Sweet and Sour when Lemon's "mood hair" runs amok, acting like the bickering twins, and the twins' comical argument is accidentally broadcast on the "berrynet."

A Berry Merry Birthday

S4 E4
Jun 3, 2015
When Sour wishes she could have a birthday all her very own, her twin sister Sweet grants her wish by forgoing celebrating her birthday. But what begins as a day that Sour has always dreamed of quickly becomes a disappointment when she misses her twin.

Tall Tale Trio

S4 E5
Jun 3, 2015
When a comedy of errors causes Orange, Plum and Cherry to arrive late to their campout, they start off their annual tradition of telling tall-tales around the campfire by making up three outrageous, hysterical accounts of what held them up.

Berry Big Tale-Teller

S4 E6
Jun 3, 2015
At the girls' campout, Sour launches into a whopper of a yarn about the adventures she and Sweet had in the "Berry Deep Dark Forest." She tries to get Sweet to participate in spinning the tale, but Sour's over-the-top performance leaves Sweet behind.

The Berry Bitty Great Race

S4 E7
Jun 3, 2015
Apple isn't paying attention when Strawberry describes their campout tradition of telling "Tall Tales." So Apple tells her thrilling adventure of a wild road rally she entered, only to surprise the girls by proving the story is actually true.

The Berry Best Taste Test

S4 E8
Jun 3, 2015
Apple's rave review on her berryweb page of Strawberry's new dessert starts a booming mail order dessert business for Berry Bitty City. When Strawberry's stuffed-up nose makes her bake a bad-tasting cake, Apple, afraid the truth will hurt Strawberry's reputation, proclaims it's delicious.

The Berry Best Biscuit

S4 E9
Jun 3, 2015
Sour teasing Apple escalates into a "prank war" between the two of them. After the girls' feud disrupts the town, they are sentenced in a Berry Bitty City-style trial to camp alone together for a whole weekend.

Hot Sauce Cook Off

S4 E10
Jun 2, 2015
Berrykin Bloom's braggart cousin, Berrykin Bertram, has won the hot sauce competition at the local county fair year after year. But this year, Sour and Apple are determined to help the kindhearted Bloom win... whether he wants to or not!

The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster

S4 E11
Jun 2, 2015
When Apple feels left out of a Berryball game and an advanced ballet class, she invents some “groove booties” programmed to dance to any beat.

Doggie Dance No-Show

S4 E12
Jun 2, 2015
When the girls discover that Apple's groove booties can teach the pups to dance, Plum gets an idea for a Doggie Dance Show. Wanting to impress them, Huck offers to have TomTom join the show... despite the pup's obvious dislike of performing in public.

Dance Puppy Dance

S4 E13
Jun 2, 2015
When a simple tune Cherry composes goes viral on the Berryweb, Cherry quickly gets fed up with everyone listening to this song, everywhere, all the time.