Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Berry Big Harvest

S1 E1
Nov 05, 2011
Finding she has some free time one morning, Strawberry visits Berrykin Bloom who is filled with excitement over his new crop of Berry Bitty fruits and vegetables; his garden has never grown so much produce! He can't wait to share his new crop (the perfect bitty size) with Berry Bitty City, so Strawberry volunteers to help him transport the produce to Orange's General Store. Soon Orange's store is overflowing with Berry Bitty Fruits & Veggies. It's the berry first time Orange has not been able to find a "place for everything" in her store.

Room at the Top

S1 E2
Nov 12, 2011
Strawberry is really touched when her girlfriends and the Berrykins volunteer to help her with the construction of her new marketplace, so when the girls suggest they take charge of designing Strawberry's dream-bedroom to go on the second story, of course Strawberry agrees. While construction is going on, the girls each show Strawberry their individual ideas for the bedroom. Grateful for the support and not wanting to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, Strawberry tells each of them yes (actually, more like not-no).

Starlight, Star Bright

S1 E3
Nov 19, 2011
With time running out before the Grand Opening celebration for the new Marketplace, Strawberry's friends get the idea to invite her favorite singer, superstar CHERRY JAM, to be the guest singer. The girls are blown away when their berryjuice cell phone gets a text message that Cherry accepts their invitation! Strawberry is touched by their surprise, but reminds them that now the town and Marketplace really have to shine! The girls and Berrykins rush to turn the Marketplace Café into a suitable performance area for a big star like Cherry Jam.

Practice Makes Perfect

S1 E4
Nov 26, 2011
Cherry Jam is so enjoying staying in Berry Bitty City, that she calls her managers in Big Bitty City and informs them that she is going to stay for a much needed vacation! Strawberry and the girls are thrilled that she will be with them for a little longer, and they do all they can to make their guest comfortable. But Cherry doesn't want to be treated like a guest; she wants to fit in and contribute to the community. Plum suggests that she teach music lessons; Plum has always wanted to learn the drums, as it would enhance her ability to give dance lessons with live rhythmic accompaniment.

Top Talent

S1 E5
Dec 05, 2011
Berry Bitty City is holding its first city-wide talent show! Hearing that it's the music students of superstar Cherry Jam, a talent scout from Big Bitty City plans to show up. Strawberry and her friends excitedly anticipate her arrival. Strawberry and Cherry are going to sing a duet, Orange is going to juggle, Plum will perform a ballet, Blueberry is writing and directing a play that the Berrykins will perform, Lemon will design animal-shaped hairstyles and display them herself, Princess Berrykin is going to yodel, and Berrykin Bloom will to do a stand-up comedy routine. Raspberry, who was the big star of the music recital (with only nine mistakes), is going to perform her same keyboard piece.

A Star is Fashioned

S1 E6
Dec 10, 2011
Raspberry is discovered by a talent scout who wants her to move to Berry Big City and design a new line of Glitter fashions! She will be provided with her own studio, staff, publicity, commitments from big department stores-everything she needs to be a big fashion designing star! All her friends are thrilled for her. Only Cherry is a bit less enthusiastic about Raspberry's stardom, which Raspberry mistakenly interprets as jealousy. During Raspberry's preliminary trip to the city to begin arrangements for her new design studio, her friends get a taste of life without her. They miss her, and it makes them sad. Cherry admits to Strawberry that she's concerned for Raspberry-stardom is not all it's cracked up to be. We see that Cherry was worried about her friend, not jealous. Raspberry returns to pack up her little boutique. Her friends barely recognize her.

No Blueberry Is an Island

S1 E7
Jan 28, 2012
With the summer almost over, Blueberry overhears Strawberry talking about a wonderful tropical island and believes her friend is going to surprise them all with a much needed vacation! Blueberry makes the other girls promise to keep the secret until Strawberry reveals the big surprise. Of course, even though they've promised to keep the secret, they can't help but try and suss out what the island's like from every little thing Strawberry does, so they can prepare accordingly-they see Strawberry wearing a diving mask and snorkel in the cafe, and race to the lake to practice scuba diving, not knowing she was only slicing onions.

Where the Berry Breeze Blows

S1 E8
Feb 04, 2012
It's the last week of summer and Berry Bitty City is hopping with activity as the girls prepare for their tropical island vacation at Berry Breezy Bay Resort. But just as they're about to leave, bad news: the resort is closed for the season due to berry breezy weather. The girls are disappointed, but Orange isn't giving up. She says if they can't go to the tropical island, maybe they can bring the tropical island here! She insists they can build a copy of "Berry Breezy Bay" resort on Berry Bitty Lake, a duplicate down to the last detail.

The Berry Best Vacation

S1 E9
Feb 18, 2012
With only a few days of summer left, the girls are about to enjoy their first vacation in their newly-created, tropical beach resort at Berry Bitty Lake, when who should descend upon them but Mavis Maraschino, the comically over-the-top "Entertainment Tonight"-style show host/producer from Episode 206. Mavis has dumped her focus on fashions in favor of an even glitzier show called Lifestyles of the Berry Big Bitty Stars, and she wants her first segment to be about how pop superstar Cherry Jam spends her vacation. Trying to accommodate Mavis and continue their vacation doesn't work-every time the girls try to have fun together, Mavis pops up, poking a microphone in Cherry's face, insisting on treating her as if she were a Lady Gaga-type.

On the Road

S1 E10
Feb 25, 2012
Strawberry, Cherry and the girls form a new band, Strawberry and the Sweet Beats, and prepare to go on the road to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Berry Big City Games! While master mechanic Berrykin Bruce turns Cherry's tour bus into the band's hotel-on-wheels, Strawberry and her friends pack for the big trip. But the rest of Berry Bitty City points out that someone needs to run the girls' businesses while they are gone. Strawberry and her friends give the Berrykins a crash course in city-sitting.

The Berry Long Winter

S1 E11
Mar 03, 2012
On a beautiful winter's night, Blueberry reads the Baby Berrykins a story of what happened one winter in Berry Bitty City-a winter that almost wasn't. Just as everyone is ready for winter fun and fashions, a sudden warming melts the snow and ruins their plans. Improvising with snowmen made of shaved ice and cotton puffs, Strawberry and her friends play "Capture the Snowman's Carrot Nose." The Berrykins want to join in the fun, so the girls play against them, with Strawberry refereeing. But it turns out the Berrykins' version of the game has different rules: they zoom around on little hang gliders made of leaves!

The Big Freeze

S1 E12
Mar 10, 2012
It's another windy winter day, and the postal bees are staying indoors-the wind is too strong for their berry bitty wings. "We don't know when the next mail will get through!" It's bad news for Blueberry, who has been anxiously awaiting the next installment of a Patty Persimmon Detective story. If only she could get to the post office in Berry Bitty Dale where her package is waiting! She gets a brainstorm. Cutting up the side of an old broken tennis racket, she attaches the pieces to her rain boots-instant ice skates! Fashionably bundled against the cold, and pulled by butterflies who sail on the wind like kites, she sail-skates down the frozen road, to the amazement of her friends.

On Ice

S1 E13
Mar 17, 2012
It appears winter is finally coming to an end and Raspberry is planning a big fashion show to display her spring line. Her vision is to have the girls model her fashions in a parade past the town fountain. What she didn't realize is that the Berrykins are turning the fountain into a big water show. Every time the girls come to rehearse, they must comically dodge jets of fruit juice from the out-of-control fountain-the Berrykins are still working out the bugs. Strawberry reminds them that this is a public area that should be shared, and suggests they work out a schedule.