Season 3

Episode Guide

Jerri's Burning Issue

S3 E1
Jul 10, 2000
Jerri learns the hard way that chlamydia is not a flower -- just in time for the big school dance.

Is Freedom Free

S3 E2
Jul 17, 2000
Jerri's nude self-portraits ignite a censorship showdown at Flatpoint High.

Trail Of Tears

S3 E3
Jul 24, 2000
Jerri must confront her racist views when a secret from her past reveals surprising news about her heritage.

Invisible Love

S3 E4
Jul 31, 2000
Jerri learns the key to self-respect: keeping your boyfriend happy.

Is My Daddy Crazy?

S3 E5
Aug 14, 2000
Jerri learns the value of sanity when Stew, her mom's meat man, goes nuts.

Blank Relay

S3 E6
Aug 21, 2000
Jerri tries to boost her track performance and gets trapped in a sordid world of steroid abuse.

Ask Jerri

S3 E7
Sep 11, 2000
When Flatpoint High gives Jerri an advice column, she turns to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

There Once Was a Blank from Nantucket

S3 E8
Sep 18, 2000
As the victim of sexual harassment, Jerri must decide whether to put out, put up or shut up.


S3 E9
Sep 25, 2000
Jerri and Mr. Jellineck have close encounters of the school bully kind.

The Last Temptation of Blank

S3 E10
Oct 2, 2000
Jerri gets chummy with the most popular girl in school and finally gets to be cool.