Season 2

Episode Guide

The Virgin Jerri

S2 E1
Jan 22, 2000
Flatpoint High's chastity crusade reminds Jerri how much harder it is to be a virgin than a slut.

Behind Blank Eyes

S2 E2
Jan 29, 2000
Jerri has her own contact sport in mind when she meets a blind student who's determined to play for the varsity football team.

Yes You Can't!

S2 E3
Feb 5, 2000
Jerri has five days to find her dream job or face life at the artificial flower plant.

The Goodbye Guy

S2 E4
Feb 7, 2000
The Blanks are stricken with grief after a death in the family, and Jerri must learn how to deal with the loss of an important figure in her life.

The Blank Page

S2 E5
Feb 26, 2000
With dreams of becoming a cheerleader, Jerri attempts to overcome the shame of her illiteracy.

Hit and Run

S2 E6
Mar 4, 2000
Jerri and Mr. Noblet must deal with intense guilt after playing a part in a horrible hit and run accident.

To Love, Honor, and Pretend

S2 E7
Mar 11, 2000
Jerri participates in a fake marriage exercise in health class.

The Blank Stare, Pt. 1

S2 E8
Jun 19, 2000
Looking for love in all the wrong places, Jerri dumps Flatpoint High for a freaky cult.

The Blank Stare, Pt. 2

S2 E9
Jun 26, 2000
The Flatpoint High faculty kidnaps Jerri in a desperate attempt to deprogram her from a cult.

A Price Too High for Riches

S2 E10
Jul 3, 2000
An expensive sneaker trend teaches Jerri that sometimes money is a girl's best friend.