Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jan 25, 2024
Following recent success, thieves Gal and Don are recruited by Teddy Bass for a high-stakes job.

Donny Donny Donny

S1 E2
Jan 25, 2024
After impressing Teddy with their work, Gal and Don accept a new job but soon realize it won’t be as easy to complete. As Gal discovers trouble closer to home, Deedee makes a new acquaintance who offers her a way out of her trapped situation.

Won’t Soon Forget This

S1 E3
Jan 25, 2024
Despite successfully completing both jobs, Gal is torn over who he can trust and is determined to get answers. Deedee discovers her safety is compromised if she fails to complete her contract, whilst Cecilia’s control over Don takes a dark turn.

Always Wanted To See That Place

S1 E4
Feb 1, 2024
Following Gal’s demand for answers, Gal and Don arrive in Spain to find out who they are really working for. When a personal conflict leads to them being stranded in an unknown destination, time is against them as they race to learn the truth.

Trouble Is Real

S1 E5
Feb 8, 2024
In anticipation of their biggest job yet, Gal outlines a plan to Teddy, Stan and Don, whilst trying to hide how unprepared he actually is. Deedee visits faces from her past but is taken aback when their reaction is not what she expected.

The Stag

S1 E6
Feb 15, 2024
A pressurized job sees Gal and Don almost caught out, until Gal thinks of a last-minute solution. As Deedee and Gal struggle in their relationships, Gal prepares for his stag night but is faced with a dilemma when he receives an unexpected request.

You and Me

S1 E7
Feb 22, 2024
Following the fallout of the night before, Gal attempts to make things right with Marjorie, unaware of the damage he has already caused. With the date of the final heist looming, Gal’s preparations are jeopardized by an unexpected turn of events.

Think Of The Money

S1 E8
Feb 29, 2024
On the day of the final heist, the boys race to put their plan into action, but the consequences of Gal’s actions threaten to ruin everything. As their relationships are put to the test, will they make it out before it’s too late?