• Sexy Beast Season 1

    S1 E2: Donny Donny Donny

    50M JAN 25, 2024 TV-MA

    S1 E2: After impressing Teddy with their work, Gal and Don accept a new job but soon realize it won’t be as easy to complete. As Gal discovers trouble closer to home, Deedee makes a new acquaintance who offers her a way out of her trapped situation.

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Sexy Beast
Rising thief Gal Dove is offered the chance to expand his criminal enterprise by Teddy Bass and Stan Higgins. Pressured by accomplice Don Logan, Gal agrees. After meeting Deedee, a renowned adult film actress, Gal desires a life beyond anything he’s ever dreamed. But with a wedding on the horizon, and his new work drawing attention from rival criminals, Gal must find his feet in the dark criminal world and protect those he loves at all costs.
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Sexy Beast