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Lisa Bonet
Played by Lisa Bonet

Hector's beautiful but tightly wound half-sister is a hot mess. Strung out on drugs, with a self destructive streak a mile wide and a tragic history of abuse, Marisol has enough information on Hector to bring him down permanently unless she gets what she wants. The trouble is, not even she knows what that is.

Lisa Bonet is best known for her role as Denise Huxtable on THE COSBY SHOW, for which she earned an Emmy nomination; and its spin-off, A DIFFERENT WORLD. 
In film, she played Epiphany Proudfoot in ANGEL HEART, opposite Mickey Rourke which earned her a Young Artist Award. She co-starred with Will Smith in ENEMY OF THE STATE and had a role in HIGH FIDELITY. Recently, she starred in the film ROAD TO PALOMA. She has been seen on the series THE RED ROAD, DRUNK HISTORY, THE NEW GIRL, and will appear in an arc on GIRLS.