Season 3

Episode Guide

The Day Tennyson Died

S3 E1
May 01, 2016
Vanessa seeks the help of Dr. Seward to battle a new evil. Season premiere.

Predators Far and Near

S3 E2
May 08, 2016
Ethan gets help from Hecate. Evil forces track Vanessa's every move.

Good and Evil Braided Be

S3 E3
May 15, 2016
Vanessa is confronted by a familiar, who reveals a clue to her past.

A Blade of Grass

S3 E4
May 22, 2016
Vanessa convinces Dr. Seward to use hypnosis to take her back in time.

This World is Our Hell

S3 E5
May 29, 2016
Hecate and Ethan struggle to survive in the harsh desert wasteland.

No Beast So Fierce

S3 E6
Jun 05, 2016
Vanessa turns to an old friend for help, who introduces her to a new ally.

Ebb Tide

S3 E7
Jun 12, 2016
Kaetenay has a vision of impending doom. Vanessa learns an awful truth.

Perpetual Night

S3 E8
Jun 19, 2016
Dr. Seward uncovers a secret. Ethan goes in search of Dr. Frankenstein.

The Blessed Dark

S3 E9
Jun 19, 2016
Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Catriona battle to save Vanessa. Season finale.