Season 4

Episode Guide

Kristen Galvan, Bissonnet Street, Part One

S4 E1
Aug 8, 2023
After 15-year-old Kristen Galvan disappears, Houston police pick her up and say she may have been trafficked. She's recovering when she vanishes again.

Kristen Galvan, Bissonnet Street, Part Two

S4 E2
Aug 8, 2023
In search of her daughter Kristen, Robyn sets out on a journey into Houston's underworld, encountering pimps, johns, and con artists along the way.

Dane Elkins, Kindness Search

S4 E3
Aug 8, 2023
When Dane Elkins goes missing, it looks like he's gone off the grid. A 911 call points to a car crash. Or is his disappearance linked to mental distress?

Echo Lloyd, Echo in the Ozarks

S4 E4
Aug 8, 2023
Echo Lloyd moves to a remote part of the Ozarks to be alone. When she vanishes, suspicion falls on her odd neighbor - and on her own daughter.

Justin Rutter, The Ghost of Lowertown

S4 E5
Aug 8, 2023
When 14-year-old Justin Rutter doesn't come home one night, his family panics. Police think he's a runaway, but evidence suggests something more sinister.

Irene Gawka, American Dream, American Nightmare

S4 E6
Aug 8, 2023
Irene Gakwa comes to America from Kenya to join her brothers and become a nurse. When she disappears, her American dream becomes her family's nightmare.

Dylan Rounds, Stranger in a Strange Land, Part One

S4 E7
Aug 8, 2023
19-year old Dylan Rounds goes missing without a trace from his farm in remote northwest Utah. Then Dylan's gun reappears mysteriously in his camper.

Dylan Rounds, Stranger in a Strange Land, Part Two

S4 E8
Aug 8, 2023
With no sign of Dylan, wild theories abound. Then attention begins to focus on the strange old man squatting in a shed a few miles from Dylan's farm.

Pepita Redhair, A Daughter Stolen

S4 E9
Aug 8, 2023
27-year-old Pepita Redhair is last seen by her mother after she drops her off at Pepita's boyfriend's house. Did she just run away, or is she the victim of something much more sinister?

Aubrey Dameron, A Bright Star Dimmed

S4 E10
Aug 8, 2023
Transgender indigenous woman Aubrey Dameron vanishes in the middle of the night. Shocking theories emerge as her aunt and uncle search for answers.