Season 3

Episode Guide

Susan Walsh Part 1

S3 E1
Oct 10, 2022
Susan Walsh is a devoted mother working on a career in journalism but supporting herself as an exotic dancer. So when she disappears, there is no shortage of suspects. She has published an article exposing a cult of wannabe vampires living in Manhattan. And she was also investigating New Jersey strip joints owned by the Russian mob. Then there was the jealous ex boyfriend who stalked her and was connected to a Mafia underboss. Meanwhile, she and her son shared a house with her resentful estranged husband.

Susan Walsh Part 2

S3 E2
Oct 10, 2022
For 25 years, friends and family have speculated about what happened to Susan Walsh, an ambitious young mother building a career in journalism who worked as an exotic dancer at night. Part 2 of this compelling tale, takes a closer look at the rogue's gallery of suspects who might have wanted to harm or silence her. Her love life was complicated and included a menacing ex boyfriend and a resentful ex husband. In her work life, she crossed between worlds encountering a cult of Vampire enthusiasts, the Russian mob and a Mafia underboss.

Tamra Keepness Part 1

S3 E3
Oct 10, 2022
When Tamra Keepness, a 5-year-old Indigenous girl, goes missing from her home in Regina, Canada, the city comes together to find "everyone's baby." First Nations elders and police cooperate in the search for Tamra, exploring the hundreds of tips that flood in.But as rumors swirl about her mother's relationships and history with drugs, local media treat her as a possible suspect in her own daughter's disappearance. It is blatant racism in the eyes of many.

Tamra Keepness Part 2

S3 E4
Oct 10, 2022
The investigation surrounding the disappearance of 5-year-old Tamra Keepness has devastating consequences for her family as Social Services takes custody of her brothers and sisters, a reminder of Canada's dark history of separating Indigenous children from their parents. Investigators continue to receive hundreds of tips and pursue all leads. But does a mysterious online post reveal Tamra's fate? Reunited at last, the Keepness family and the Indigenous community keep Tamra alive in their thoughts.

Chelsea Cobo

S3 E5
Oct 10, 2022
Chelsea Cobo leaves a psych hospital in Westchester, New York, and calls her mom to say she's grabbing food before coming home. Her mother never hears from her again. Did Chelsea simply run away, or is there something more sinister involved? As investigators look into whether Chelsea could be a victim of sex trafficking, her mom follows a lead that uncovers a shocking revelation.

Maisy Odjick & Shannon Alexander

S3 E6
Oct 10, 2022
When best friends Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander go missing after a high school dance in Maniwaki, Quebec, the police dismiss the Indigenous teens as runaways. With little police support, Maisy's family picks up the search with the help of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg community and a volunteer search and rescue team. Did the girls encounter a local sex predator? Or have they fallen victim to the larger epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls plaguing North America?

Chase Hurdle & Daniel Olson Part 1

S3 E7
Oct 10, 2022
Chase Hurdle is a straight A student who loves singing, dancing, and his Catholic faith. He's looking forward to graduating from his North Dakota high school and studying psychology in college. His parents are baffled when he walks out of school one morning and goes missing. Surveillance footage picks him up at various locations around the city. He's had amnesia in the past - is it happening again? Could a report that someone jumped from a bridge provide the answer?

Chase Hurdle & Daniel Olson Part 2

S3 E8
Oct 10, 2022
Police think Chase Hurdle jumped from a Bismarck bridge, but his family isn't buying it. The description of the jumper doesn't sound like Chase. A car found abandoned in a local park raises more questions and theories. The car was Daniel Olson's, a decorated veteran from West Fargo who was struggling to move forward after the horrors of war. Did he drive across North Dakota to end his life?

Mackenzie Trottier

S3 E9
Oct 10, 2022
22-year old Mackenzie Trottier walks out of her parents' home on December 21, telling her mom she will be back later. When she doesn't return that night, her parents aren't too concerned- Mackenzie has been known to be out of touch for a couple of days. But when she doesn't come home for Christmas, panic sets in. A few days later, police uncover a video of a mysterious man using Mackenzie's bank card. Could this man have abducted Mackenzie, or did she run away?

Kassandra Ramirez

S3 E10
Oct 10, 2022
Single Bronx mom Kassandra Ramirez had just graduated culinary school and started her dream job as a chef. But after she told a relative I think I'm in danger, she vanishes. Her family begins a frantic search to bring her home - putting up fliers, checking trains, and searching under bridges. It's an uphill battle to bring media attention to the case, Kassandra's mother becomes an outspoken advocate for America's missing women and girls of color.

Granger Taylor

S3 E11
Oct 10, 2022
Granger Taylor is a mechanical genius who built a car from scratch when he was 12 years old. As a young adult, he has haunting dreams where aliens take him on an interstellar journey. After a few weeks of these vivid dreams, Granger leaves a note for his parents, announcing that he's embarking on the alien spaceship and will be back in 42 months. He is never seen again. Friends and family spend years hoping Granger is still out there, until a dreadful discovery has them second-guessing everything.

Ryan Shtuka

S3 E12
Oct 10, 2022
Twenty-year-old Ryan Shtuka leaves home to work at a ski resort, hoping the experience will help him find a path for his future. That can't happen now. Ryan goes to a house party during a fierce winter storm and is never seen again. There are many theories as to what happened: Could he have gotten lost in the thick forest? Could someone have hit him with their car and hidden the body? Or did something nefarious happen at that party, the last place where he was seen?