Season 2

Episode Guide

Caleb Diehl Part I

S2 E1
Jul 25, 2022
Popular, diligent, adventurous, that was high school senior 18-year old Caleb Diehl according to friends and family. So when he doesn't show up at school, it's cause for concern. Could he have crashed his truck? Did he travel out of state to work for a girlfriend's relative? Or did a prominent local businessman who employed Caleb to work on his farm know more than he was letting on.

Caleb Diehl Part II

S2 E2
Jul 25, 2022
Caleb Diehl's disappearance triggers an investigation that brings in local police, the DA and the FBI. The Diehl family is stunned by revelations that a close friend, who is a prominent local banker, has been implicated in financial fraud and is rumored to have unsavory predilections for the teenage boys he employs on his ranch. One of them was Caleb Diehl who has vanished without a trace.

Ashley Loring Heavyrunner

S2 E3
Jul 25, 2022
Enrolled at University of Montana, Ashley is on her way to a life unavailable to most women on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. So many have gone missing or murdered in a community rife with drugs, alcohol and crushing poverty. When Ashley vanishes, a local reporter battles to get police involved. There are local suspects-an older man, a jealous rival, and the human traffickers who prey on indigenous women.

Heather Teague

S2 E4
Jul 25, 2022
Heather Teague is abducted at gunpoint while sunbathing on a beach by the Ohio River. Investigators have compelling leads about who took her. Clues like bikini bottoms found in the woods and a mysterious Red Bronco spark theories. She could be alive, kidnapped by a crime syndicate and sold into sexual slavery. Or was she another victim of an alleged serial killer who focused on young brunette women? For 26 years, her devoted mother has been waiting for answers.

Susan Osborne & Evan Chartrand

S2 E5
Jul 25, 2022
She thought she'd found the right man, a good step-father to her children. But her girlfriend says that before she and a teenage son vanished into thin air, Susan made a startling discovery about her second husband. Did it cost her life? Police say he replaced the floors, burned their mattress, and the house smelled of bleach. What they can't find-are bodies.

Michael Samdass

S2 E6
Jul 25, 2022
Doted on by his sisters, Michael Samdass was the beloved son of a hardworking immigrant family. But he seems to undergo a personality transformation and one day simply vanishes. Could a mental health crisis be to blame? Or a bout of amnesia from a blow to the head? Investigators learn he was briefly arrested after a fight.

Cortney Lake

S2 E7
Jul 25, 2022
Cortney Lake is a single mom trying to get her life on track, even successfully fighting to enter a beauty pageant that doesn't let mothers compete. But when Cortney's mother returns from a barbecue to find her daughter missing, the mom knows that something is wrong. As thousands follow the case on social media, police obtain a video from a city bus that points to a troubled relationship and an ex-boyfriend who won't let go.

Ali Gilmore

S2 E8
Jul 25, 2022
The sudden disappearance of Ali Gilmore sparks the biggest missing person investigation in Tallahassee history. A college graduate who holds down two jobs, she has been a role model for her younger sister. But investigators uncover a troubled marriage, a sketchy boyfriend and an unplanned pregnancy.

Oakley Carlson

S2 E9
Jul 25, 2022
After three happy years in foster care, Oakley Carlson must be returned to her biological parents. Her broken-hearted foster family accepts the decision until the mom receives a call on Oakley's 5th birthday asking if she can take the girl "once she's found." Oakley's birth parents claim they haven't seen her in a week, but the last verified sighting was 10 months earlier.

Jon Riley

S2 E10
Jul 25, 2022
Jon Riley loves sailing, rock climbing and the great outdoors. But when he goes missing and a human foot washes up in a nearby lake, his family fears the worst. Only, it's not Jon's. A serial killer is on the prowl and police contact Jon's family about a scar on his shoulder. But none of the remains are Jon. So where is he?