Season 1

Episode Guide

Terrance Williams

S1 E1
May 10, 2022
Renowned filmmaker Tyler Perry becomes personally involved in a case that has sparked outrage, when 27-year old Terrance Williams disappears after he was last seen getting into the back of a police car in Naples, Florida. The cop denies any wrongdoing or knowledge of the young man's fate. Terrance's mother receives a chilling phone call from another family with an eerily similar story. Tyler Perry is doing all he can to help Terrance's mother find the truth.

Terrance & Felipe

S1 E2
May 10, 2022
While Tyler Perry helps a mother whose son Terrance Williams disappeared after being put in the back of a police car, a second missing persons case involving the same cop comes to light. After an accident, an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Felipe Santos is never seen again. His family's desperate search for answers leads to Terrance's case. Tyler Perry enlists legendary civil rights lawyer Ben Crump to get justice.

Kelley Brannon Part I

S1 E3
May 10, 2022
After an angry fight with her boyfriend, Kelley Brannon paces a motel parking lot, refusing to return to the room. Waking alone at dawn, her boyfriend listens to a voicemail, her last trace, as she signs off "I am getting in a car." Whose car and where she went have haunted him ever since. But her friends and family are not so sure he's innocent. Was it him or was she abducted? Or did she ghost him and run away to reinvent her life?

Kelley Brannon Part II

S1 E4
May 10, 2022
Investigators retrace Kelley Brannon's last days. The questions they must answer: Was she abducted by a stranger in the night? Did she befriend someone at the local bar who harbored bad intentions? Or did her boyfriend, with whom she had a stormy relationship, play a role in her disappearance?

Matthew Weaver Jr.

S1 E5
May 10, 2022
21-year old Matthew Weaver Jr.'s abandoned car is found on a remote road in the Santa Monica mountains. But where is Matthew? The police think suicide, but Matthew's sister and step-mom smell foul play and hire private investigators. Everyone has a theory. Was Matthew embroiled in a gang dispute? Was it a romantic entanglement? Or did he get too close to something he wasn't supposed to see?

Daniel Robinson

S1 E6
May 10, 2022
Daniel Robinson, a young geologist, leaves his worksite in the Arizona desert and is never seen again. His co-worker recalls Daniel's odd behavior before he drives off alone and vanishes. Daniel's father David Robinson, private investigator Jeff McGrath, and reporter Briana Whitney grapple with theories ranging from a mental health crisis to foul play in this baffling case. Could an ominous text he sent to a love interest before he disappeared reveal what happened to Daniel?

Marshal Iwaasa

S1 E7
May 10, 2022
Marshal Iwaasa is last seen by his mother after fixing her computer. His dilapidated truck is found by police 14 hours away in a remote area of the wilderness, with his personal belongings strewn around the burnt hulk of his truck. As a winter storm rolls in, the search is abandoned leaving his distraught mother Tammy and sister Paige frustrated and panicked. When the snow clears, they hire a fire investigator who suspects the police bungled a possible crime scene.

Jason Landry

S1 E8
May 10, 2022
Jason Landry leaves his university apartment and heads home for a brief visit. His mom, Lisa is woken up by a state trooper at the scene of Jason's abandoned car on a gravel road in the middle of rural Texas. His wallet, keys, and clothes are all discovered nearby. Captain Jeff Ferry believes the harsh elements and dangerous wildlife may have led to Jason's demise, but retired FBI agent Abel Pena believes something more sinister occurred.