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Season 1

Episode Guide

Who Killed The Queen Of The Courtroom?

S1 E1
Jul 7, 2019
When badass defense attorney Chiquita Tate is stabbed to death in her office, investigators follow a trail of clues that begins with weave found in her hand. Who was so thirsty for her successful life that they'd kill her for it?

Who Killed Atlanta's Playboy?

S1 E2
Jul 14, 2019
Millionaire Lance Herndon is the prince of Atlanta, living it up with cars, clothes, and women. But a lavish birthday party turns out to be his last, and his bedroom playground becomes a crime scene.

Who Killed The Lottery Millionaire?

S1 E3
Jul 21, 2019
When Abraham Shakespeare goes from humble handyman to lotto millionaire, everybody in town wants a piece of his $30 million fortune. And when he finally says 'enough is enough!'Abraham seems to vanish into thin air.

Who Killed Rae Carruth's Girlfriend?

S1 E4
Jul 28, 2019
Rae Carruth is a beast on the field - a first-round draft pick with a multi-million dollar contract. But when his pregnant girlfriend is shot, Rae's world comes crashing down.

Who Killed Detroit's Finest?

S1 E5
Aug 4, 2019
Hotshot attorney Tony Randolph and his wife Marie are like royalty to Detroit's elite. But there are secrets lurking behind the mansion, the furs, and the jewels... including a sordid story about a police officer who was gunned down in cold blood.

Who Killed The Big Baller?

S1 E6
Aug 11, 2019
NBA champion Bison Dele walks away from a $36 million contract to sail the world on a private yacht with his one true love. But "happily ever after" never happens when the couple vanishes in the waters off Tahiti.

Who Killed The Preacher?

S1 E7
Aug 18, 2019
Emma Raine is a successful businesswoman living in the most opulent house in town. But when her husband is killed while she's away on a business trip, the search for the shooter leads to sinister revelations.

Who Killed The Lieutenant?

S1 E8
Aug 25, 2019
Police Lieutenant Garret Baxter gives his wife a glamorous life of fancy cars and luxury vacations. But when he's killed executionstyle in their upscale home, the investigation leads to a strip club.

Who Killed The Football Superstar?

S1 E9
Sep 1, 2019
Sean Taylor is the hardest-hitting player in the NFL, with a contract worth millions. But when the devoted father and family man is killed during a home invasion, police discover a surprising suspect.

Who Killed The Palm Beach Princess?

S1 E10
Sep 1, 2019
After living large in a Florida mansion, socialite Lita McClinton is gunned down by a shooter disguised as a deliveryman. The search for the killer takes nearly 20 years, and the clues lead to money and infidelity.