Season 5

Episode Guide

The Killer

S5 E1
Sep 20, 1970
Robert Conrad guest stars as a professional assassin whom the Impossible Missions Force must prevent from Carrying out his assignment without knowing the identity of his target.

Flip Side

S5 E2
Sep 27, 1970
Sal Mineo guest stars as a ruthless young operator who heads up an international narcotics ring which the IMF attempts to break up.

The Innocent

S5 E3
Oct 4, 1970
Christopher Connelly guest stars as a non-cooperative young computer genius who has "dropped-out" of society, but is desperately needed by the IMF to complete their assignment.


S5 E4
Oct 11, 1970
Phelps re-turns to his hometown on personal business, only to find his once happy surroundings in a state of panic caused by a mysterious series of deaths of the young townswomen.


S5 E5
Oct 18, 1970
John Colicos guest stars as a rebellious Caribbean government official, who plans to take over his country by having his president assassinated while in the United States to speak before a joint session of Congress.

My Friend, My Enemy

S5 E6
Oct 26, 1970
Special-guest star Jill Haworth portrays a glamorous double agent, who uses her feminine wiles on Paris to set him up for an enemy plot.


S5 E7
Nov 1, 1970
The IMF attempts to clear an American businessman in Japan of false charges that he murdered his Japanese wife in "Butterfly".


S5 E8
Nov 8, 1970
Phelps falls in love with a woman that the IMF have been assigned to bring out of an iron curtain country over the seemingly insurmountable obstacles set in their way by the country's secret police.

The Amateur

S5 E9
Nov 15, 1970
Before the IMF can get the prototype of an Iron Curtain country's secret weapon to the United States, part of the weapon falls into the hands of an unscrupulous, greedy nightclub owner.


S5 E10
Nov 22, 1970
While rescuing an imprisoned patriot, Barney is critically wounded and must be left behind in order for the IMF to complete their mission.

The Rebel

S5 E11
Nov 29, 1970
Phelps poses as an archeology professor and Dana as one of his graduate students, as the IMF goes to the aid of a group of young guerilla fighters in an effort to obtain from them a notebook containing vital scientific information in "The Rebel".

Squeeze Play

S5 E12
Dec 13, 1970
A leading illegal supplier of heroin is dying of cancer and is about to designate a successor and turn over to him the only known list containing all the vital information about the entire drug operation.

The Hostage

S5 E13
Dec 20, 1970
Paris, still in his cover from a completed mission, is kidnapped and held hostage by a group of treacherous revolutionists


S5 E14
Jan 3, 1971
A political boss hires a professional provocateur to stage a violent protest, in a maneuver to discredit his state's governor and elevate his puppet, the mayor, to the governorship.

Cat's Paw

S5 E15
Jan 10, 1971
Hari Rhodes guest stars as George Corley, an underworld leader whose link with a police precinct chief is the object of Barney's brother's newspaper crusade.

The Missle

S5 E16
Jan 17, 1971
The IMF devises an elaborate scheme to dupe foreign agent James Reed into stealing a bogus missile guidance system.

The Field

S5 E17
Jan 24, 1971
The IMF is assigned to destroy a satellite containing thermonuclear bombs that have been launched by a hostile power as a means for international blackmail.


S5 E18
Jan 31, 1971
Henry Darrow guest stars as Gregory Tolan, the local leader of a revolutionist group specializing in robberies for the financing of a movement to overthrow the United States government

The Catafalque

S5 E19
Feb 7, 1971
With the threat of another off-shore missile crisis and perhaps a confrontation that could lead to war, the IMF is called upon to expose a nuclear arms treaty secretly signed by a previously friendly country and a hostile power.


S5 E20
Feb 21, 1971
The IMF is called upon to free John Darcy, the leader of a liberation movement in West Africa, and end the tyrannical rule of his captor, Colonel Alex Kohler, a ruthless segregationist. (

The Ghost Story

S5 E21
Feb 28, 1971
Andrew Duggan guest stars as Justin Bainbridge, a multimillionaire paranoid militarist, whose son, Howard, defected behind the Iron Curtain with the formula to a lethal nerve-gas he had developed.

The Party

S5 E22
Mar 7, 1971
The whereabouts of a list of enemy agents operating in the United States is locked in the memory of a captured spy, Col. Vanin (guest star Frank Marth), and no one, including the spy, can penetrate his mind.

The Merchant

S5 E23
Mar 18, 1971
George Sanders guest stars as Armand Anderssarian, one of the world's largest dealers in illegal arms, who is about to complete a deal involving the purchase and resale of millions of dollars worth of American arms to guerilla groups in North Africa and the Middle East.