Season 6

Episode Guide


S6 E1
Sep 18, 1971
An F.B.I. man is blinded while investigating a crime syndicate attempting to take over a large chemical plant. Jim Phelps undergoes a delicate eye operation so as to appear convincingly blind when he poses as the sightless man.


S6 E2
Sep 25, 1971
William Shatner, star of "Star Trek", guest stars and is seen in the role of an aging hoodlum who is artificially transplanted back to the 1930s and the scene of his unsolved crime.

The Tram

S6 E3
Oct 02, 1971
The leaders of two underworld factions call a top-level meeting at a ski resort to set up a financial holding company capable, of creating chaos within the national economy.

Mind Bend

S6 E4
Oct 09, 1971
To help the IMF team break up a crime syndicate that specializes in brainwashing ex-convicts into committing political assassinations, Barney substitutes for a former prisoner looking for an operation to give himself a new appearance.


S6 E5
Oct 16, 1971
Guest stars Gerald S. O'Loughlin and Christopher Stone portray crime syndicate bosses in charge of the waterfront who extort huge sums of money from every ship docking at a west coast port.

The Miracle

S6 E6
Oct 23, 1971
An undercover agent is murdered while trying to intercept a huge heroin shipment in the Pacific Northwest, and the IMF team is called to take over and put the dealer and his chief executioner out of business.


S6 E7
Oct 30, 1971
Guest star Elizabeth Ashley plays the alcoholic wife of a crime syndicate leader whose involvement in an intimidation racket and the cold-blooded murder of an employee puts the IMF team on his trail.


S6 E8
Nov 06, 1971
Stolen gems worth seventy-five million dollars, scheduled to be fenced to an underworld figure, suddenly disappear and the ship on which they were being transported is blown up at sea, bringing the IMF team into the picture.


S6 E9
Nov 13, 1971
Guest star Kevin McCarthy plays the role of a highly-placed Defense Department advisor who has murdered an Air Force official and sold vital top-secret material about America's nuclear defenses to foreign powers.


S6 E10
Nov 20, 1971
Barney poses as a prospective rock-music recording artist to get evidence linking an organized crime figurehead played by guest star William Windom to the sudden death of a beautiful recording star who was being blackmailed by the syndicate.

The Visitors

S6 E11
Nov 27, 1971
Guest star Steve Forrest plays the role of a millionaire publisher and communications tycoon who has sold fifty-one percent of his empire to an underworld crime syndicate which gives them a powerful influence over state politics.


S6 E12
Dec 04, 1971
Christopher George, star of Paramount TV's "The Immortal" series and husband of Lynda Day George, joins his wife in the role of a psychotic ex-convict determined to wreak vengeance on society.

Run For The Money

S6 E13
Dec 11, 1971
Guest stars Richard Jaeckel and Herbert Edelman play gangsters who try to get control of all the illegal betting parlors in the country as well as a virtual takeover of all thoroughbred horse racing.

The Connection

S6 E14
Dec 18, 1971
Jim Phelps and his IMF team are given the assignment of breaking an underworld ring attempting to set up one of the world's largest drug manufacturing plants off the coast of Africa.

The Bride

S6 E15
Jan 01, 1972
Casey (Lynda Day George) poses as a young peasant girl from Europe imported to be the bride of Joe Corvin (guest star James Gregory), the top man at getting underworld millions into Swiss banks.

Stone Pillow

S6 E16
Jan 08, 1972
Guest star Bradford Dillman plays Edison, a former private detective turned extortionist, who is blackmailing a powerful crime chief with a roll of film linking him to murder.


S6 E17
Jan 15, 1972
Barney assumes the identity of a powerful psychic from a Caribbean island kingdom in order to hypnotize a defecting crime syndicate leader into revealing his super secret list of government officials on the take.


S6 E18
Jan 22, 1972
Nora Dawson, a witness to a murder, is committed to an asylum and is being systematically driven out of her mind with drugs when the IMF team is given twenty-four hours to save her life.

Bag Woman

S6 E19
Jan 29, 1972
Posing as a "bag woman" for a crooked politician, Casey unknowingly carries an attached case locked to her wrist filled with both money and a bomb set to explode upon opening.

Double Dead

S6 E20
Feb 12, 1972
Gangsters running a loan-shark racket in Hawaii short-circuit the IMF team's investigation when they capture Willy and feed him gigantic doses of truth serum.


S6 E21
Feb 19, 1972
Guest star Jack Cassidy is Orin Kerr, an ex-hoodlum who now controls the largest gambling resort in the western hemisphere as a front for the underworld crime syndicate.


S6 E22
Feb 26, 1972
Jim Phelps is struck on the head and loses his memory while trying to intercept an eight-million-dollar smuggling operation.