Season 4

Episode Guide

Alien Imposters

S4 E1
Sep 24, 2014
Aliens invade Earth, a family comes to terms with a relative's gay wedding, and a couple of racists express some surprising views.

Parole Officer Puppet

S4 E2
Oct 1, 2014
A parole officer uses a puppet to bond with a parolee, a man in a neck brace attempts to party down, and a soldier has an emotional reunion with his family.

Old Ladies and Satan

S4 E3
Oct 8, 2014
Two old women battle with Satan, things go awry when a man goes mattress shopping, and dance club patrons are forced to face the truth about themselves.

Slap-Ass: In Recovery

S4 E4
Oct 15, 2014
A baseball player deals with his addiction to slapping ass, a mobster takes vengeance on someone who crossed him, and Steve Urkel drives a man insane.

Concussion Quarterback

S4 E5
Oct 22, 2014
A football player with a concussion tries to inspire his team, a man accuses his wife of cheating on him with a dog, and a restaurant owner scares off his patrons.

Scariest Movie Ever

S4 E6
Oct 29, 2014
A vampire reveals himself, a serial killer is thwarted, and a child gets his wish fulfilled.

Sex Detective

S4 E7
Nov 5, 2014
A respected sex crimes detective uses unconventional means to solve a case, an action hero rescues his girlfriend, and a frozen yogurt store employee indulges in too many samples.

Terrible Henchman

S4 E8
Nov 12, 2014
An emergency changes a man's morning ritual, a henchman cramps the style of a supervillain, and Jordan reminds Keegan that he's a grown-ass man.

Aerobics Meltdown

S4 E9
Nov 19, 2014
Stan Lee pitches some new superheroes, a guy loses his street cred when he experiences a brain freeze, and a man develops a complex mnemonic device to remember where he parked.

Sex Addict Wendell

S4 E10
Dec 3, 2014
Performers are kicked in the crotch for their art, a class clown terrorizes a teacher, and a man tries to get lucky at a sex addicts meeting.

Terrorist Meeting

S4 E11
Dec 10, 2014
A gangster desperately tries to prove he's loco, terrorists meet up to plan their next move, and a jealous older brother makes a family dinner awkward.