Season 1

Episode Guide

I Said Bitch

S1 E1
Jan 31, 2012
Jordan and Keegan trade stories about a forbidden word, while President Obama's anger gets translated.

Black Hawk Up

S1 E2
Feb 7, 2012
President Obama rap battles, and a traffic reporter has some trouble flying.

Das Negros

S1 E3
Feb 14, 2012
Jordan and Keegan are masters of disguise in Nazi Germany, and two slaves are accused of bigotry.

The Branding

S1 E4
Feb 21, 2012
Luther, President Obama's anger translator, reminds everyone who killed Osama bin Laden.

Gay Marriage Legalized

S1 E5
Feb 28, 2012
Commitment looms for Jordan and Keegan after gay marriage is finally legalized.

Flash Mob

S1 E6
Mar 6, 2012
Jordan and Keegan engage in an epic flicker match, and a flash mob goes terribly wrong.

Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow

S1 E7
Mar 13, 2012
Jordan and Keegan debate who is blacker, and Bobby McFerrin duels Michael Winslow.

Babysitting Forest Whitaker

S1 E8
Mar 20, 2012
President Obama doesn't get special treatment, and a young Forest Whitaker terrifies his babysitter.