Season 3

Episode Guide

Roast Battle III: Sarah Tiana vs. Dolph Ziggler

S3 E1
Jul 30, 2018
To kick off the third season of Roast Battle, Todd Barry and Brendon Walsh go burn for burn, and Sarah Tiana faces off against Dolph Ziggler.

Roast Battle III: Yamaneika Saunders vs. Jamar Neighbors

S3 E2
Jul 31, 2018
Robin Tran and Alex Duong sling their hottest burns in a fiery battle, and Roast Battle veteran Yamaneika Saunders takes on The Wave's Jamar Neighbors.

Roast Battle III: Randy Sklar vs. Jason Sklar

S3 E3
Aug 7, 2018
Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser and Anthony Jeselnik must decide who has the harshest burns in battles featuring Joe List, Sarah Tollemache and the Sklar Brothers.

Roast Battle III: Sam Morril vs. Joe Machi

S3 E4
Aug 14, 2018
Roast Battle veterans Kim Congdon and Olivia Grace verbally spar, and real-life buds Sam Morril and Joe Machi trade barbs.

Roast Battle III: Mike Lawrence vs. Tony Hinchcliffe

S3 E5
Aug 21, 2018
Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser and Anthony Jeselnik judge the burns dished out by Mike Lawrence, Tony Hinchcliffe, Jerron Horton and Matthew Broussard.

Roast Battle III: Blake Griffin vs. Jeff Ross

S3 E6
Aug 28, 2018
Mark Normand and Kurt Metzger battle it out, and NBA star Blake Griffin takes on Roastmaster General Jeff Ross.