Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Romeo and Julieta

S1 E1
May 01, 2019
Follow the journey of Julieta, a female golden dart frog in search of her Romeo. She must dodge countless dangers and battle the harsh elements if she hopes to find a mate to fertilize her eggs. The jungle is full of peril, and Julieta is just two inches long and less than an ounce in weight, but don't underestimate her powers: a single drop of the toxin that coats her skin is enough to stop a human heart.

The Hummingbird's Quest

S1 E2
May 08, 2019
With stunning, iridescent colors and wings that can beat 50 times per second, hummingbirds are one of the most exquisite species on the planet. There's no better place to see them than in the Colombian Andes, home to over 150 species of hummingbirds--more than anywhere else in the world. Follow these tireless fliers through the mountain wilderness as they battle freezing rain, evade jungle predators, raise their chicks, and engage in an endless search for nectar.

A Capuchin's Tale

S1 E3
May 15, 2019
Amidst the many exotic creatures of the lush Colombian rainforest, a capuchin monkey takes his first steps. Ascend high above the forest floor to watch as young Blanco learns to climb, find food, and avoid danger. With jaguars, caimans, and rival monkeys lurking, he must tread carefully. As the dry season approaches, can this young capuchin learn the skills he desperately needs to survive in a world full of peril?

Warriors of the Llanos

S1 E4
May 22, 2019
Spend a year on the flat savannas of the Colombian Llanos, a vast grassland ruled by seasonal extremes that push existence to the brink. When the wet season hits, savage heat and crippling drought are swiftly replaced by torrential floods. Delve into the lives of the creatures who call this unforgiving arena home, like capybara, caiman, and predatory birds. For these hardened warriors, every day is a constant battle to survive.

Finding A Family

S1 E5
May 29, 2019
Venture into a lush tropical forest on the northern tip of Colombia, the only place where the cotton-top tamarin--one of the most endangered primates on the planet--can be found in the wild. Follow the unforgettable journey of Mona, a young tamarin who has left the comfort of her family in search of a new troop and a future mate. Along the way, she must avoid forest dangers in the form of hawks, snakes, and even rival monkeys. With predators all around and no one to watch her back, it's a dangerous world for a tiny tamarin.