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    Into the Wild Colombia

    S1 E1 Romeo and Julieta

    Follow the journey of Julieta, a female golden dart frog in search of her Romeo. She must dodge countless dangers and battle the harsh elements if she hopes to find a mate to fertilize her eggs. The jungle is full of peril, and Julieta is just two inches long and less than an ounce in weight, but don't underestimate her powers: a single drop of the toxin that coats her skin is enough to stop a human heart.

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Into the Wild Colombia
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Explore the tropical forests, dense jungles, and vast grasslands of Colombia, where a tremendous array of animals face a daily struggle against fierce predators and harsh weather. Watch as young tamarins face deadly boa constrictors, capuchins dodge hungry jaguars, capybaras share streams with caimans, and dazzling hummingbirds engage in an endless quest for nectar. In these unforgiving landscapes, stunning creatures and hidden dangers are waiting to be discovered around every corner.
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Into the Wild Colombia