Half & Half

    S1 E1 The Big Pilot Episode

    For once in her life Mona thinks she has won out over her spoiled half-sister Dee Dee when Dee Dee moves into the same building and Mona finagles a move into the penthouse apartment, but she quickly discovers her new living accommodations are not what she expected. Later, things appear to go from bad to worse when a guy Mona is pining for falls for Dee Dee. But Dee Dee surprises Mona and shows her that there can be some benefits to having a half-sister .

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Half & Half
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Half-sisters Mona and Dee Dee are virtual strangers who have grown up separately and suddenly become neighbors in the same San Francisco apartment building. Mona is a budding music executive raised by her single mother to be free-spirited and independent. By contrast, younger Dee Dee is a privileged honor-roll collegian who grew up in a two-parent home but seeks her identity out of the shadow of her overbearing mother.
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Half & Half