Season 3

Episode Guide

Your Sexuality

S3 E1
Oct 2, 2014
It's sexy time as the girls discuss getting The Talk, discovering yourself in that intimate way and how to own your attractiveness.

Back to School

S3 E2
Sep 8, 2014
Do your homework because Girl Code is schooling you on cliques, the first day back and the pains of being the new kid.


S3 E3
Oct 9, 2014
When the girls take on the topic of divorce, they break down blended families, parents who start dating again and bad breakups.


S3 E4
Oct 9, 2014
The girls roll with the punches as they discuss getting emotional, using the B-word and trying stunt school.


S3 E5
Oct 16, 2014
The girls get a little serious as they take on the topic of race, delving into identity, interracial dating and what it feels like to be stereotyped.

Being Healthy

S3 E6
Oct 16, 2014
The girls talk about all things health, whether it's eating right, hitting the gym or how to look your very best.

Girl Power

S3 E7
Oct 23, 2014
The ladies dig deep into the idea of girl power, from what makes someone "girly" to the importance of being a feminist.


S3 E8
Oct 23, 2014
The girls take on the topic of money, including the perils of being broke, what it's like earning your own dough and how finances affect your dating life.


S3 E9
Oct 30, 2014
Get ready to snort and chortle, because the girls are getting into the funny stuff, including different laughs, humor in dating, and stigmas against women and comedy.


S3 E10
Oct 30, 2014
The girls pack their bags and gear up for a good time as they talk all things vacation, from the secrets of radical road trips to the outdoor fun of camping.

Bad Relationships

S3 E11
Nov 6, 2014
Whether it's a bad booty call or a toxic friend, the girls are getting into the ins and outs of bad relationships and why they suck so much.

Self Expression

S3 E12
Nov 13, 2014
The girls talk about all the ways you can express yourself, including tattoos and being weird, and a fan expresses her love for Girl Code in a unique way.

Freshman Year

S3 E13
Dec 11, 2014
The girls get real about the fun of freshman year, including life in the dorms, picking classes and eating cereal at every meal.

Bad Girls

S3 E14
Dec 24, 2014
The girls detail all the ways to be bad, from the art of the swear and getting in trouble to handling online trolls.


S3 E15
Dec 30, 2015
The girls tap into their inner songbirds when they talk about music, including making playlists, mastering an instrument and having an amazing time at a concert.


S3 E16
Dec 30, 2015
Break out the tissues: The girls are talking about sadness, including putting the fun in funerals, dealing with depression and how to cope when your clothes just won't fit.


S3 E17
Nov 20, 2014
The girls jingle their bells and light the menorah as they talk about the holiday season, including being single, giving the perfect gift and getting a little too toasted at parties.

Awkward. and Faking It Special

S3 E18
Nov 25, 2014
The casts of Awkward. and Faking It join the Girl Code team to talk about all your awkward moments, figuring out love triangles and when you can't help but fake it.