Season 1

Episode Guide

Crushes, Boobs, Roommates & Drinking

S1 E1
Apr 23, 2013
Crushes, boobs, roommates, drinking. Jillian Rose Reed from "Awkward" shares her Long Story Short.

Dancing, Snooping, Waxing & Going to the Bathroom

S1 E2
Apr 30, 2013
Dancing, snooping, waxing, going to the bathroom. Tanisha snoops on her boyfriend's phone.

Make-up, Being gassy, Driving & Being Slutty

S1 E3
May 7, 2013
Make-up, being gassy, driving, being slutty. Ashley Rickards from "Awkward" shares her Long Story Short.

Social Networking, Friends with Benefits, Lying & Masturbation

S1 E4
May 14, 2013
Social networking, friends with benefits, lying, masturbation. Jessimae teaches us the right way to use your boyfriend's bathroom.

Girls' Night Out, Sexting, Breaking Up, Gynecologist

S1 E5
May 14, 2013
Girls' night out, sexting, breaking up, gynecologist. Carly wants to break up with her boyfriend.

Hair, Cheating, Compliments, Penises

S1 E6
May 15, 2013
Hair, cheating, compliments, penises. Tanisha runs into a hot trainer at the gym.

Frenemies, Bad Boys, Dreams, Working Out

S1 E7
May 19, 2013
Frenemies, bad boys, dreams, working out. Nicole teaches us how to deal with a close talker.

Ex-Boyfriends, Gossip, STDs, Hosting a Party

S1 E8
May 19, 2013
Ex-Boyfriends, gossip, STDs, hosting a party. Nicole shows us how to deal with an old hook up at the bar.

First Dates, Time of the Month, Girl Fights, Friend Zone

S1 E9
May 19, 2013
First dates, time of the month, girl fights, friend zone. Alesha's embarrassed in front of a hot guy at the grocery store.

Experimenting, Playing Sports, Dads

S1 E10
May 28, 2013
Experimenting, playing sports, Dads, being crazy. April goes on a first date and isn't sure how it should end.

Getting Dumped, Being Classy, Working, Jealousy

S1 E11
May 28, 2013
Getting dumped, being classy, working, jealousy. Nicole deals with a creepy co-worker.

Pregnancy Scares, Mean Girls, Sleepovers, Online Dating

S1 E12
Jun 4, 2013
Pregnancy scares, mean girls, sleepovers, online dating. Tanisha hates tights worn as pants.

Dieting, Vacation, Being Needy, Watching Sports

S1 E13
Jun 5, 2013
Dieting, vacation, being needy, watching sports. Alice shows us how to avoid saying "I love you" back.

Foreplay, Shopping, Feeling Ugly, Guy Friends

S1 E14
Jun 6, 2013
Foreplay, shopping, feeling ugly, guy friends. Nessa's quick to get jealous over her boyfriend's lady friend.

Contraception, Whipped, Canceling, Plastic Surgery

S1 E15
Jun 7, 2013
Contraception, whipped, canceling, plastic surgery. Shalyah shares her Tall Girl Code.

Porn, Set - Ups, Underwear, Social Climbing

S1 E16
Jun 11, 2013
Porn, Set - Ups, Underwear, Social Climbing. Jessimae gets fit for a bra.

PDA, Style, Smoking, Calling Dibs

S1 E17
Jun 18, 2013
PDA, Style, Smoking, Calling Dibs. Jamie Lee teaches us how to hook up in Spanx

Taking a Break, Strip Clubs, Moms, Sororities

S1 E18
Jun 19, 2013
Taking a Break, Strip Clubs, Moms, Sororities. Nessa teaches us how to move in with your boyfriend without him knowing.

Morning After, Boyfriends Friends, Flirting, Decorating

S1 E19
Jul 7, 2013
Morning After, Boyfriends Friends, Flirting, Decorating. Jamie Lee's confused about her relationship status.

Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids

S1 E20
Jul 7, 2013
Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids. Nessa farts for the first time in front of her boyfriend.