Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 25, 1999
Yearning to fit in yet wanting to be themselves, Lindsay Weir, her brother Sam, and a diverse group of friends struggle to get through 1980 at William McKinley High School.

Beers and Weirs

S1 E2
Oct 2, 1999
With her parents going out of town, Lindsay attempts to win the freaks' approval by throwing a party - but Sam and his friends are worried when they learn there will be beer at the party.

Tricks and Treats

S1 E3
Oct 30, 1999
Halloween night becomes an unexpected turning point for Lindsay and Sam.

Kim Kelly Is My Friend

S1 E4
Sep 5, 2000
Sam is tormented by an older girl at school; Lindsay is surprised when Kim starts being nice to her...but the cause for the sudden change is soon revealed.

Tests and Breasts

S1 E5
Nov 6, 1999
Lindsay's attempt to help Daniel pass a test gets her into trouble; Sam receives a little more sex education than he wanted.

I'm with the Band

S1 E6
Nov 13, 1999
Lindsay's well-intentioned interference breaks up Nick's band; Sam confronts his deepest fear - showering after gym class.

Carded and Discarded

S1 E7
Jan 10, 2000
Sam and his fellow Geeks fall head over heels for a pretty transfer student; Lindsay attempts to get fake identification cards for herself and the Freaks.

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

S1 E8
Jan 17, 2000
Lindsay is surprised to realize that Nick is now her boyfriend, and fears that he wants to have sex. Sam begins to think he has a chance with Cindy Sanders. But both Weir children discover that appearances can be deceiving

We've Got Spirit

S1 E9
Jan 24, 2000
Lindsay worries that Nick is getting too intense about their relationship; Sam becomes the school mascot in order to be close to cheerleader Cindy.

The Diary

S1 E10
Jan 31, 2000
Bill fights to get more respect in gym class; Harold and Jean decide that Kim is a bad influence on their daughter, and forbid Lindsay to see her friend.

Looks and Books

S1 E11
Feb 7, 2000
Lindsay experiences a crisis in her relationship with the Freaks; Sam tries to improve himself - from the outside.

The Garage Door

S1 E12
Mar 13, 2000
Sam learns something disconcerting about Neal's dad; Lindsay tries to rebuild her friendship with Nick.

Chokin' and Tokin

S1 E13
Mar 20, 2000
Lindsay worries that Nick is perpetually stoned; school bully Alan plays a prank on Bill - with nearly deadly results.

Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers

S1 E14
Oct 10, 2000
Kim befriends Millie after accidentally killing her dog; Bill is horrified to discover that his mother is dating his gym teacher.

Noshing and Moshing

S1 E15
Oct 17, 2000
Unable to cope with his father's infidelity, Neal takes refuge in a new hobby; rejected by Kim, Daniel pursues another girl - and changes himself radically to win her approval.

Smooching and Mooching

S1 E16
Jul 8, 2000
The Weirs take Nick into their home after he has an argument with his father; Sam's romantic dreams come true.

The Little Things

S1 E17
Jul 8, 2000
Sam discovers that having a dream come true may not be such a good thing; Ken's new relationship is threatened by a disturbing piece of information about his girlfriend.

Discos and Dragons

S1 E18
Jul 8, 2000
As the last day of school approaches, the Freaks and Geeks try to figure out where they belong in the world.