Season 2

Episode Guide

Away Great Playdate

S2 E2
Jul 3, 2007
After a super silly playdate with their friend Karendle, Blue and Sprinkles discover that poor Karendle left behind his favorite duck hat!

Sprinkles' Sleepover

S2 E3
Jul 3, 2007
It's bedtime in Blue's Room, but Sprinkles is having a hard time falling asleep! Blue takes her little brother Sprinkles on a search to find a "sleepy game" that will help him feel sleepy.

Little Red Riding Blue

S2 E4
Mar 27, 2007
Blue and her friends are playing the story of "Little Red Riding Hood!" In their version of the story, Little Red Riding Hood (played by Blue) and Little Red's brother (Sprinkles) are bringing homemade banana bread to grandma's house.

Knights of the Snack Table

S2 E5
Mar 28, 2007
It's castle times in Blue's Room! Blue and Sprinkles are pretending to be knights- and their quest is to help King Joe rescue his four missing dragons.

Farm Playdate

S2 E6
Jul 4, 2007
Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe journey to visit the greatest farmer of all time. Old McDonald (Joe)! As it turns out, Old McDonald has to run a few errands and needs Blue, Sprinkles and Joe to take care of the animals while he's away.

Shape Detectives

S2 E7
Jul 4, 2007
Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe are playing detectives. shape detectives! Their big case comes when Roary creates a prized work of art entirely out of shapes.

Music Stars

S2 E9
Jul 5, 2007
Blue and Sprinkles are experimenting with making music when Boogie Woogie suggests they become more than just ordinary musicians. They become "Music Stars!" The music stars magically create a stage for their big concert- but there's only one problem.


S2 E10
Jul 6, 2007
Blue's Room has been transformed into outer space and Blue and Sprinkles are astronauts! The Princess of Numbers is there too with her very own rocket ship.

World Travelers

S2 E11
Jul 6, 2007
Sprinkles is preparing to go on a pretend voyage when he discovers the most amazing suitcase anyone has ever seen! The only way to open the suitcase, however, is to track down three keys-hidden in all different parts of the world.

Meet Blue's Baby Brother (10th anniversary special)

S2 E13
Aug 6, 2006
A movie event where we get to meet Blue's baby brother! It all begins during a family celebration with Joe and the gang, when Blue announces she has a baby brother who will be joining the celebration!