Season 1

Episode Guide

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

S1 E2
Apr 18, 2005
What do you dream of being? Well today, in Blue's Room you can make your dream come true! In an imagination-filled episode, our characters pretend to be whatever they dream of and take us on some wild play adventures!

Holiday Wishes

S1 E3
Dec 14, 2008
Happy Holidays!!! In this special episode we discover all of our character's favorite things about the holidays.

It's Hug Day

S1 E4
Feb 14, 2009
Is it a birthday? No. Is it Valentine's day? Not quite. It's..Hug Day!

Alphabet Power!

S1 E5
Nov 18, 2005
Today we're having an alphabet playdate! And guess who's at the door . it's the one and only Alphabet! The infamous 26 letters have actually come over to our room and are ready to play.