Season 13

Episode Guide

Keeping the Faith

S13 E1
Oct 07, 2022
Erin's case against cartel member Carlos Munoz intersects with a husband-and-wife domestic abuse call that Jamie handled, but when the wife is murdered all hands are on deck, the husband becomes the prime suspect.

First Blush

S13 E2
Oct 14, 2022
Suspicion is high when Danny and Baez respond to a call from hotel housekeepers who found a large blood stain on a mattress with no sheets or towels in the room.


S13 E3
Oct 21, 2022
Danny and Baez respond to a call that their psychic friend, Maggie Gibson, has been stabbed.

Life During Wartime

S13 E4
Oct 29, 2022
Danny and Baez investigate a series of violent robberies targeting luxury timepieces, and Erin is conflicted about criminally charging a potentially innocent man.


S13 E5
Nov 04, 2022
Frank launches an investigation after the Reagan family is harassed when protests against a controversial NYPD unit escalate. Also, Danny and Baez form an unlikely partnership with an informant in order to prevent a murder.

On Dangerous Ground

S13 E6
Nov 18, 2022
Danny and Jamie clash over a gang-related shooting after Jamie oversteps as part of his new position and Danny empathizes too closely with a victim.


S13 E7
Dec 02, 2022
Erin and Anthony clash when Anthony's daughter, Sophia, is the sole eyewitness to a fatal shooting.

Poetic Justice

S13 E8
Dec 09, 2022
Danny crosses paths with Sonny Le (Alex Duong), a criminal from a previous case, when he investigates a gang attack with a shocking motive.

Nothing Sacred

S13 E9
Jan 06, 2023
Reagan family tensions run high when Frank and his grandson, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), contend with a grievous insult to the memory of Joe's father, Joe Reagan.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

S13 E10
Jan 13, 2023
Jamie and his new intel team officer infiltrate a high-tech car smuggling ring. Also, Frank faces off against the city's transit chief over a new mayoral solo police patrol program that is causing officer injuries on the job; Eddie asks Danny to help her bust a cop impersonator; and Erin hires an image consultant to help with her D.A. campaign.

Lost Ones

S13 E11
Jan 20, 2023
Danny and Baez's investigation into the death of a chess hustler is complicated by interference from the victim's son. Also, Erin is offered an endorsement of her run for D.A. by an influential Harlem pastor in exchange for a professional favor; Gormley comes to Frank with a request regarding a disabled officer who has a connection to Danny; and Jamie tries to make amends with a man he regrets putting away as a young officer.