Season 2

Episode Guide

Race to the Top of the World

S2 E1
Nov 23, 2015
Blaze and his friends compete in the most epic race in history: the Race to the Top of the World! But when Crusher throws them off course, Blaze and his Monster Machine friends must persevere to make it to the finish line.

Truck or Treat

S2 E2
Oct 31, 2015
It's Halloween in Axle City, and Blaze, AJ, and all of their friends are excited to "Truck or Treat." But when Crusher tries to steal all of their candy, his plan goes awry, and he sends their treats far, far away from Axle City.

Dino Dash

S2 E3
Oct 17, 2015
Blaze and AJ are playing with their friend Zeg when he accidentally gets blasted by a geyser into a far away mud pit. It's up to Blaze and AJ to save him, and they must use engineering design inspired by their new dinosaur-truck-friends.

Piggy 500

S2 E4
Nov 6, 2017
It's the day of the Piggy 500, and Starla is excited to race with her prize pig, Zippy, in a team race. But when her competitor Crusher and his rude pig, Slop, cheat and send Zippy far away, it's up to Blaze, AJ, and Starla to find him.

Fired Up!

S2 E5
Oct 10, 2015
When Blaze smells smoke at Axle City's garage, he calmly and courageously leads his friends outside to safety. Axle City's fire chief is impressed with Blaze's courage and thinks maybe he has what it takes to be a fire fighter, too.

Knight Riders

S2 E6
Jan 23, 2016
Blaze and Crusher discover a medieval kingdom holding a Royal Race! The two trucks become knights to compete in the race across the realm. But even though Sir Blaze is the speediest knight of all, Crusher's cheats won't make it easy to win.

Monster Machine Christmas

S2 E7
Dec 19, 2015
It's Christmas Eve, and Blaze and AJ are helping Santa load his magic bag of presents to deliver all over the world. But Crusher accidently knocks over the bag and sends the presents flying.

Darington to the Moon!

S2 E8
Jan 30, 2016
Today Darington will attempt his biggest stunt yet: rocketing to the moon! But there's just one problem. His battery-powered rocket is out of energy. To get to the moon Blaze must help Darington recharge his battery.

Spark Bug

S2 E9
Mar 5, 2016
Blaze, Stripes, and AJ are racing through the jungle when Stripes discovers a lost little fire beetle named Sparky. Blaze and his friends set off across the jungle to help Sparky get back home to the top of a red hot volcano.

Five Alarm Blaze

S2 E10
Mar 19, 2016
There's a fire on the bridge and it's too much for the Fire Chief and his team to handle. They need Firefighting Blaze to help. With time running out, Blaze hurries across town. But can he get to the bridge in time?

Axle City Grand Prix

S2 E11
Apr 30, 2016
Gabby has the perfect tool to get Blaze ready to race: a special remote that can control any machine. But when Crusher takes her remote, he activates machines all over town to slow Blaze down.

Treasure Track

S2 E12
Apr 30, 2016
Blaze, AJ, and Gabby join Pegwheel the Pirate-Truck for an island treasure hunt! Following their treasure map, the friends search jungle beaches and mountains to find where X marks the spot.

Rocket Ski Rescue

S2 E13
May 28, 2016
Crusher's Grammy is in town to watch Crusher and Blaze race at the Monster Dome. But when Crusher tries to cheat using rocket skis, his plan backfires, blasting him off the racetrack and across Axle City!

Dinosaur Parade

S2 E14
May 28, 2016
Blaze, AJ, and lots of spectators have gathered to watch herds of dinosaurs march through Axle City! But when Crusher pushes his way into the parade, he scatters dinos everywhere, and it's up to Blaze, AJ, and Zeg to find and rescue them.

Pickle Power

S2 E15
Nov 7, 2017
Crusher builds a super-powered vacuum to clean up his big mess - but the machine goes haywire, sucking up Crusher and everything in its path! Now Pickle must team up with Blaze and AJ to stop the vacuum and save Crusher.

Race Car Superstar

S2 E16
Jul 23, 2016
Blaze and AJ visit VelocityVille, a town full of race cars where everybody loves to go fast! But when a snooty car named Speedrick traps all the other racers, Blaze must transform into a super-fast race car to free his new friends.

Race to Eagle Rock

S2 E17
Jul 23, 2016
Blaze brings all of his monster truck pals to VelocityVille for a wild race to the top of Eagle Rock! But Crusher will stop at nothing to beat race car Blaze and friends, setting traps to slow them down.

Sky Track

S2 E18
Oct 10, 2016
Swoops the helicopter loses his rotor, and without it he can't fly! It's time for Blaze and AJ to retrieve the runaway rotor, adventuring up onto The Sky Track, an amazing course that weaves through the clouds.

The Wishing Wheel

S2 E19
Oct 12, 2016
Blaze, AJ, and Stripes are searching for the Wishing Wheel: a magical treasure that will grant a wish for one lucky race car. But with chomping, stomping, and slithering dangers at every turn, can Blaze and his friends stay on track?