Season 6

Episode Guide

Big Rig to the Rescue!

S6 E1
Dec 18, 2020
Big Rig to the Rescue!: When three big deliveries are needed all over Axle City, there's only one monster machine with the power to haul it all: Big Rig Blaze! But even Big Rig Blaze may not be able to make all the deliveries in time.

Dino Derby

S6 E2
Jan 29, 2021
Dino Derby: Dinosaur Blaze is teaming up with his prehistoric pal Zeg to compete in... the Dino Derby! But will this dino duo have what it takes to outrace the rest and become Dino Derby champions?

The Amazing Stunt Kitty

S6 E3
Feb 19, 2021
The Amazing Stunt Kitty: When a big stunt goes awry, Darington is sent flying away on an out-of-control balloon! It's up to Blaze, AJ, and Darington's sidekick Stunt Kitty to save the day!

Sir Blaze and the Unicorn

S6 E4
Mar 12, 2021
Sir Blaze and the Unicorn: Witness the return of Sir Blaze and Sir AJ as they embark on an epic quest to free a magical unicorn from an unpoppable bubble!

Sparkle's Racing Badge

S6 E5
Apr 23, 2021
It's more Blaze family fun in this high octane, action-packed adventure as Blaze and his sister Sparkle team up to make it back to the Monster Dome in time for a big race.

Race to Sky High Mountain

S6 E6
May 28, 2021
At the starting line for the Race to Sky High Mountain, one of Crusher's cheats threatens to sideline Blaze for good. To get back in this race, Blaze will need... Power Tires!

The Puppy Chase!

S6 E7
Jun 25, 2021
When a big bubble floats away with Gabby's new puppy, she'll team up with Blaze and AJ to get him back.

Firefighters to the Rescue!

S6 E8
Sep 3, 2021
When three fire emergencies break out across Axle City, it's up to Blaze to put 'em out - and to do it, he'll transform into the most epic fire rescue vehicles we've ever seen!

The Construction Contest

S6 E9
Nov 15, 2021
To compete in the Axle City Construction Contest, Blaze and his friends turn into construction vehicles! But when Crusher sends them far away, it'll take all of their construction skills combined to make it back before time runs out.

Starla's Wild West Birthday

S6 E10
Nov 16, 2021
Starla's wild west birthday party is in trouble when her cake gets carried off by a runaway train. Can she, Blaze, and AJ catch up and save the cake before it's too late?

Race to the Golden Gift

S6 E11
Nov 17, 2021
Blaze is joined by all of his friends in the Race to the Golden Gift! But to win, they'll first have to get past Crusher and his fresh batch of cheats.

The Tiger Treasure

S6 E12
Nov 18, 2021
Blaze, AJ, and Stripes put their explorer skills to the test as they follow the trail to the fabled Tiger Treasure.

The Boingies!

S6 E13
Nov 19, 2021
When a bunch of adorable critters called Boingies get lost in Axle City, it's up to Blaze and AJ to gather them up and get them home safe and sound.

The Snow Spectacular

S6 E14
Dec 10, 2021
Blaze and AJ help a truck named Snowbie get to the Snow Spectacular in time.

Snow Rescue Blaze

S6 E15
Jan 28, 2022
When a big ski mishap gets Crusher and Pickle stuck super far away, Blaze and AJ will perform a daring snow rescue to save the day.

Special Mission Blaze

S6 E16
Feb 26, 2022
When a nefarious villain steals every toothbrush in Axle City, Blaze's only chance at saving the day is to become: Special Mission Blaze!

The Fastest of Them All

S6 E17
Mar 4, 2022
When a greedy queen casts a spell to make a few of our friends go slow, Blaze and AJ must race her for the magical cure.


S6 E18
Apr 29, 2022
Blaze and AJ help their amazing new friend Megabot get to Axle City in time for the big Robot Parade.

The Treasure of the Broken Key: A Musical Adventure

S6 E19
Jun 23, 2022
In the first-ever Blaze Musical, Blaze, AJ, Crusher, and Pickle are on a daring quest to find the pieces of the Broken Key and unlock a secret treasure.

Lifeguard Blaze

S6 E20
Jul 8, 2022
Blaze and AJ are on a mission to become Lifeguards. But it'll take four daring rescues to achieve their official Lifeguard badge, and only the bravest monster trucks have what it takes. Can Blaze and AJ rescue the trucks and become real lifeguards?

Campfire Stories!

S6 E21
Sep 12, 2022
It's a campout under the stars! Blaze, AJ, Starla, Crusher, and Pickle are gathered around the campfire to tell the most amazing stories they can make up! And the best part? Whoever tells the best story wins the last marshmallow! Guest Star: Richard Kind

Super Wheels

S6 E22
Sep 13, 2022
Blaze and AJ are driving around the forest when they find a pair of special wheels that transform him into SUPER BLAZE! When the Trouble Bots from outer space land in Axle City, Blaze uses his new super powers to help send them back to their home planet!

The Great Pizza Race

S6 E23
Sep 16, 2022
It's a head-to-dead showdown when Blaze and Crusher enter...The Great Pizza Race! Who will deliver all of their pizzas first and win the coveted Great Pizza Trophy?

Monster Machine Halloween

S6 E24
Oct 17, 2022
Blaze, AJ, and all their friends are racing in The Great Halloween Race! First one across the finish line wins the biggest, tastiest goody bag ever! But if they want this treat, they need to watch out for Crusher and his Halloween tricks!

A Blazing Amazing Christmas

S6 E25
Nov 28, 2022
It's Christmas Eve and Blaze, AJ, Crusher, Pickle, and their friends are helping Santa prepare to deliver presents. But when Crusher learns he hasn't done enough nice things to get a gift, Blaze helps him do good deeds to earn himself a present.

Big Rig: Dolphin Delivery

S6 E26
Dec 9, 2022
When a dolphin named Flippy needs help getting back to his family in the ocean, there's only one monster machine with enough power to get the job done: Big Rig Blaze!