Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jul 19, 2011
Things go from bad to worse for sophomore Jenna Hamilton when an accident caused by a mysterious letter leads everyone to think she attempted suicide.

Knocker Nightmare

S1 E2
Jul 26, 2011
Jenna must stand up for herself when a revealing locker-room photo circulates throughout the school.

The Way We Weren't

S1 E3
Aug 2, 2011
Jenna wonders if Matty is ready to go public with their relationship after he invites her to Lissa's party.

The Scarlet Eye

S1 E4
Aug 9, 2011
A pink eye outbreak causes speculation about what went down at Lissa's party, and Jenna seeks clarity about her relationship with Matty at the homecoming bonfire.

Jenna Lives

S1 E5
Aug 16, 2011
A new T-shirt trend takes hold at school, reminding Jenna of her reputation and fueling her suspicion that Matty is dating another girl.

Queen Bee-atches

S1 E6
Aug 23, 2011
Jenna attends a charity event at Sadie's house to help her mom gain entry into an exclusive club.

Over My Dead Body

S1 E7
Aug 30, 2011
The school puts on a play to raise awareness for impaired driving, and Jenna gets cast alongside Jake.

The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil Bitch

S1 E8
Sep 6, 2011
A visit from Aunt Ally results in a wild keg party at the Hamilton house -- and a raging hangover for Jenna the next day as she struggles to piece together the night's dramatic events.

My Super Bittersweet Sixteen

S1 E9
Sep 13, 2011
Jenna celebrates her 16th birthday while dealing with the aftermath of her wild house party.

No Doubt

S1 E10
Sep 20, 2011
Lissa finds out about Jake's kiss with Jenna, and Tamara shares her theory about the person behind the mysterious letter.

I Am Jenna Hamilton

S1 E11
Sep 27, 2011
Jenna hopes Matty will ask her to Winter Formal, and Sadie taints Jenna's nomination for Formal Princess.


S1 E12
Sep 27, 2011
Still unsure about her relationship with Matty, Jenna attends Winter Formal with Jake, and the sender of the mysterious letter is revealed.