Season 2

Episode Guide

Part Eleven

S2 E1
Jan 16, 2023
A grieving Michael Desiato is beyond hope. Season premiere.

Part Twelve

S2 E2
Jan 23, 2023
Olivia Delmont pushes Michael to make a dangerous decision.

Part Thirteen

S2 E3
Jan 30, 2023
A face-off between Michael and Jimmy results in a startling confession.

Part Fourteen

S2 E4
Feb 6, 2023
Michael attends Jimmy's birthday party where a legendary figure returns.

Part Fifteen

S2 E5
Feb 13, 2023
The events of Jimmy's party prompts Michael to stop helping Olivia.

Part Sixteen

S2 E6
Feb 20, 2023
Michael and Elizabeth pursue a lead in Robin's murder case.

Part Seventeen

S2 E7
Feb 27, 2023
Michael's pursuit of the truth creates life-threatening consequences

Part Eighteen

S2 E8
Mar 6, 2023
Eugene escapes danger only to run headfirst into new jeopardy.

Part Nineteen

S2 E9
Mar 13, 2023
Michael goes to see Jimmy Baxter, who makes him an unexpected offer.

Part Twenty

S2 E10
Mar 20, 2023
Michael exposes shocking information that impacts everyone. Season finale.