Season 6

Episode Guide

Wolves of Rancho

S6 E1
Jan 14, 2016
After the guys run into a former coworker who was transferred to another branch of TelAmeriCorp, they try to get jobs there.

Meth Head Actor

S6 E2
Jan 21, 2016
The guys get busted for smoking pot and attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, where Blake runs into an old friend and Ders makes a scary new one.

Save the Cat

S6 E3
Jan 28, 2016
Adam and Ders struggle to get back into the dating game, and Jillian and Blake discover that co-parenting a cat is more responsibility than they can handle.

Death of a Salesdude

S6 E4
Feb 4, 2016
When TelAmeriCorp starts selling more female-friendly products, the women in the office are promoted and start wielding their new power over the men.

Gone Catfishing

S6 E5
Feb 11, 2016
As 420 approaches, Blake meets a woman online, but Adam and Ders are convinced that he's being catfished.

Going Viral

S6 E6
Feb 18, 2016
When a social media expert comes to the office, the guys compete to hone their personal brands.

Night at the Dudeseum

S6 E7
Feb 25, 2016
The guys celebrate Ders Day at a Viking Museum, and Adam and Blake become obsessed with trying to pull off a heist.

The Fabulous Murphy Sisters

S6 E8
Mar 3, 2016
Alice's freewheeling sister visits the TelAmeriCorp office and teaches the guys how to please a woman.

Always Bet on Blake

S6 E9
Mar 10, 2016
Blake comes up with a brilliant moneymaking idea in order to enter a timbersports tournament.

The Nuttin' Professor

S6 E10
Mar 17, 2016
After a special adult video the guys order goes missing, they must embark on a quest to find the package before it's too late.