• KABLAM! Season 1

    S1 E3: KABLAM! S1 E3

    23M NOV 14, 1996 TV-G

    S1 E3: June builds a page turning machine and Henry tries to win a golf tournament. Sniz refuses to learn how to tell time. Meltman develops amnesia. Prometheus teaches Bob how to cross a bridge. Loopy becomes a State Park attraction.

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Airing for four seasons on Nickeldoeon, "KaBlam!" offers a home to a selection of animated shorts that could be best described as offbeat. The short films, which are bridged by segments featuring animated hosts Henry and June, feature different styles of animation. Recurring shorts featured on the half-hour show include "Prometheus and Bob," a Claymation segment featuring an alien trying to teach caveman Bob various things; "Life With Loopy," which follows 12-year-old Larry on the experiences imaginative younger sister Loopy instigates; and "Action League Now!" — filmed in Chuckimation, in which characters and props are moved by unseen hands, with occasional stop-motion animation — which follows a group of low-IQ superheroes fighting crime in suburbia that was spun off into its own short-lived series.
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