• Girl Code Season 4

    S4 E1: Dry Spells, Slang, Quitting

    21M JUN 03, 2015 TV-14

    S4 E1: Nicole uses Urban Dictionary to make sense of her Twitter replies, Alesha dishes about her five-year dry spell, and Jamie reveals when it's time to quit a job.

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Girl Code
There's a sisterhood that women share, and its tenet is simple: We're in this together! Surviving the wonders and woes of the female sex, however, demands that its members abide by the "code" because, you know, starting a catfight on the dance floor or cutting a bathroom line is not cool. What's in this how-to manual? In the same irreverent way that MTV 2's popular "Guy Code" addresses manliness, "Girl Code" offers over-the-top tips to open the dialogue about being a woman, covering everything from "frenemies" and girl fights to dancing, drinking and dating. Female comics, athletes and entertainers -- and even some dudes -- discuss the rules girls can use for any and every situation in life.
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Girl Code