• Bob The Builder Season 1

    S1 E7: Saffi's Treehouse

    11M SEP 08, 2015 TV-Y

    S1 E7: When Saffi asks her hero, Wendy, to build her a treehouse but Bob has to step in as things start to literally fall apart….

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Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder has had a makeover! His foundations are all still in place; he's still the warm, best builder buddy any pre-school kid would want on their team but now he's stronger, funnier, more dynamic, more agile, and way more aspirational! From the top of his yellow hard hat to the toes of his chunky builder boots, Bob is ready to go! No project is too big. No problem too hard to solve. Bob is brimming with new ideas and exciting ways to execute them.
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Bob the Builder