• Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 3

    S3 E3: JB Smoove

    43M AUG 11, 2023 TV-14

    S3 E3: Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian JB Smoove returns to Plymouth, N.C., to help restore his childhood home - which once belonged to his grandmother and has now become the spot for family gatherings.

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Secret Celebrity Renovation
SECRET CELEBRITY RENOVATION is a series which gives celebrities in sports, music and entertainment the chance to gift a surprise home renovation to a meaningful person who helped guide them to success. Hosted by Nischelle Turner, it provides stars with a hands-on opportunity to show their gratitude to someone in their hometowns who has had a significant impact on their life’s journey. This season’s featured celebrities include The Amazing Race's Phil Keogan, Fire Country's Max Theriot, and JB Smoove.
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Secret Celebrity Renovation