• Private Lives of the Windsors Season 1

    S1 E2: Family First

    44M OCT 14, 2019 TV-PG

    S1 E2: In the 1930s, King George V pressured his sons to find suitable wives, which lead to a history-altering clash with Edward.

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Private Lives of the Windsors
Nearly 70 years ago, a new monarch ascended the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II. To succeed, she would need the full power and glamour of the Royal Family, but three key figures in her life would complicate that task: her rebellious sister, Princess Margaret, her husband Philip's power-hungry uncle, Lord Mountbatten, and the royal matriarch: the Queen Mother. Using letters and diaries written by the Windsors, we delve into the stresses and strains of their relationships as the Royal Family faces new challenges in the modern age.
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Private Lives of the Windsors