• The Chi Season 1

    S1 E4: Quaking Grass

    52M JAN 28, 2018 TV-MA

    S1 E4: An ailing Ronnie runs into Rafiq. Brandon makes a bad deal with Reg.

    Starring: Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Shamon Brown, Michael Epps

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The Chi: Fan-Favorite Moments From Season 5
The Chi: Fan-Favorite Moments From Season 5
The Chi
On Chicago's South Side, an average day finds kids prepping for school as their parents head off to work, young adults trying to make a living, and the elders keeping an eye on things from their front porches, but in this tough neighborhood, real dangers daily threaten to squelch dreams, and the simplest decisions can have life or death consequences on this SHOWTIME® Original Series. From Emmy®-winner Lena Waithe, The Chi is a timely coming-of-age drama series centered on a group of residents who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption.
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Jacob Latimore
Alex Hibbert
Yolonda Ross
Shamon Brown
Michael Epps
Birgundi Baker
Luke James
Tyla Abercrumbie
Miriam A. Hyman
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Curtiss Cook
Jasmine Davis
Tiffany Boone
Barton Fitzpatrick
Armando Riesco
Sonja Sohn
Steven Williams
The Chi