Season 2

Episode Guide

When Friends Are Like Family

S2 E1
Dec 13, 2021
Mimi, Jonathan, and Brooke host a kick-off event where the Creep Squad is forced to settle the score with each other; Erica Mena learns some unexpected news; Booby and Cyn are instantly drawn to each other; and Juelz Santana conjures the good vibes.

It's All Fun And Games Until The Estranged Husband Arrives

S2 E2
Dec 20, 2021
Booby hosts field day games bringing friendly competition to the reunion. It's all love between former rivals Tara and Amina, but Zell and Jonathan find themselves on opposite sides; Safaree arrives, forcing Erica to face the man she's been avoiding.

They Found Love In A Hopeless Place

S2 E3
Dec 27, 2022
Peter and Amina's tumultuous relationship of the past has blossomed into a symbiotic model of love and success for the reunion. While tensions between Erica and Safaree reach their peaks. Cisco and Amina try to understand what's going on between them.

From Sex Charades To Cisco, This S*** Is Crazy

S2 E4
Jan 3, 2022
As Erica and Safaree's relationship proves hopeful, circumstances with the rest of the family reunion members fall off the rails. Cisco is on a mission to resolve several conflicts. But his attempts are unsuccessful when he confronts Cyn about their past.

Home Is Where The Family Is

S2 E5
Jan 10, 2022
Jonathan and Cyn prepare to leave the family reunion in the fallout of last night's arguments with Erica. Rich confronts Cisco on his drinking. The ups and downs in Safaree and Erica's relationship make Shekinah wonder what's really going on between them.

Another The Other Woman

S2 E6
Jan 17, 2022
Marcus hosts the fellas on a water sports day and other male bonding activities. But while the girls are relaxing at the spa, Erica learns some upsetting news that reverberates throughout the family reunion. Cisco has his own scores to settle.

Pride And Prejudice And Ladybuggate

S2 E7
Jan 24, 2022
Jonathan, Zell, and Bobby are forced to confront if their pride will get in the way of their friendships. Amina pressures Peter and Tara to address a past issue. Cisco continues to settle his differences. The Samuels' marriage is back on shaky grounds.

Blood Is Thicker Than Mud

S2 E8
Jan 31, 2022
Amina, Peter, and Tara deal with the aftermath of "Ladybuggate." Cisco and Safaree face off again; and again. Stevie J's pool party is brought to life when Erica slings lyrics at Safaree. A surprise guest makes an appearance at the family reunion.

A Creepy Surprise And The Surprise Un-Anniversary Party

S2 E9
Feb 7, 2022
New details emerge on the suspicions of Cisco's involvement with Amina. Erica and Safaree experience breakdowns and breakthroughs. Juelz hosts a basketball tournament. Booby and Cyn are at a crossroads.

Unconditional Love In A Family Dose

S2 E10
Feb 14, 2022
As the family reunion nears its end, the group is forced to confront their past issues, their present relationships, and if and how they may carry each other into their futures. While their bonds have grown over the trip, several are left unsure.